Patriots re-sign Carl Davis

NFL: JAN 02 Jaguars at Patriots
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Defensive tackle Carl Davis is back with the Patriots.

Field Yates of ESPN reports that Davis has re-signed with the team. No terms of the deal have been reported.

Davis played in every game for the Patriots last year. He had 19 tackles and a sack while making four starts on the defensive line and also appeared in the team’s playoff loss to the Bills.

Davis initially joined the Patriots after being signed off of the Jaguars practice squad in 2020. He played in three games that season and has also seen time with the Ravens, Browns, and Colts since being selected in the third round of the 2015 draft by Baltimore.

15 responses to “Patriots re-sign Carl Davis

  1. Too bad for him that Brady left Patriots, otherwise he would have had chance playing in big games and STATISTICALLY, he might have chance making couple of big plays, (of course, according to Belichick believers, it was because of Belichick) now he will be a nobody.

  2. Tom Brady is a system QB and a known cheater. It’s ok to be honest and admit it.

    Keep the cheater out of the HOF!

  3. A nobody? You mean like you?

    FYI, “somebody” claimed that Bill Parcel doesn’t deserve to be in Patriots HOF, because his W/L with Patriots iserely 50/50.

    Meaning, he believes that it was Brady who put Belichick in Patriots HOF. Enjoy.

  4. Too bad for him that Brady left Patriots, otherwise he would have had chance playing in big games and STATISTICALLY, he might have chance making couple of big plays


    But Brady couldn’t get the Bucs to the SB last year even with all those high draft picks and expensive players….

  5. Cancerman2020,

    Did you see what happened between 2007 and 2012? Brady had the best WR group in Pats, but played worst in playoff. Why? Because it was NOT HIS system.

    BTW, Michael Jordan would have had only 3 championships if NBA playoff was one-game series. The do-or-die is what makes winning SB so hard, and every QB has bad time in playoff. So don’t ask “is Brady a GOD?” Because he is not.

  6. Also, anyone with open eyes could tell that the offense system in 2007 was totally different from the one before 2007. Do you still think that Belichick invented a marvelous system in 2001 and abandoned it in 2007? That is utterly ridiculous.

    BTW, anyone with open eyes could see that since 2014, Brady played like he did between 2001 and 2006, and Pats won 3 SB. It was Brady’s system all the time.

  7. I’ve never seen anyone make up such a ridiculous pile of nonsense. It must be a goof. Throws balls where only WRs can see them. Seriously?

  8. Throws balls only WR can see them, seriously?


    Ya, defenders who are 15 yards away can see the ball, but the one who is defending the intended receiver can’t see the ball.

    This makes it very hard for defenders, that is why defenders love to keep balls in front of them. WHAT IS HARD FOR DEFENDERS IS WHAT IS EASY FOR QB, front, you can conclude that IT IS HARDER TO SCORE WITH “EASY” THROWS.

  9. Bfindeisen,

    Go check ALL the bad playoff games by Peyton, Rodgers, Marino and Mahomes. In ALL of them, opponent defenses were able to keep balls IN FRONT OF them.

    Remember: what is hard for defenders is what is easy for QB, (is it hilarious? I guess not) and having to turn their backs to QB is one of the situations that makes it very hard for defenders.

  10. Right, defenders love to have WRs in front of them so they can use their body to shield out defenders and play pitch and catch al the way down the field. Wow, that makes total sense. It’s also amazing that no NFL teams teach their CBs to turn their heads around if they’re in a trail position. Utter nonsense.

  11. No CBs to turn their heads around.


    You mean CBs had eyes around their heads and know when they should turn their heads around? Can you run at full speed when you look backward? You mean that the WR will slow down for CBs?

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