Ron Rivera: Carson Wentz is helping create a “vibe that you’re looking for”

Washington Commanders Introduce Carson Wentz
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When Carson Wentz was out the door at his first two NFL stops, he faced criticism that was along the same lines.

Last month, Zak Keefer of reported that some in the Colts organization concluded that Wentz showed, “a lack of leadership, resistance to hard coaching, and a reckless style of play.”

While it’s easy to be optimistic in the spring when there is no weekly opponent, Commanders head coach Ron Rivera had some positive remarks when asked about how Wentz has been in the building since the start of the offseason program.

“It’s been kind of cool watching him interact with his teammates, interact with the coaches as well,” Rivera said at his pre-draft press conference this week. “He’s got a different skill set. And it’s interesting to watch guys’ reaction. He’s reached out to a lot of them about throwing extra, stuff like that. And those guys have all responded in a positive fashion. So it’s kind of created that vibe that you’re looking for, you’re hoping for. And you feel good about it, you really do. And there is some optimism, obviously, just walking around the building.”

Rivera also noted that with Wentz in tow, the offense is likely to “grow a little bit more because Carson does have a couple more tools that Taylor [Heinicke] doesn’t have.

“Taylor’s a very efficient quarterback that handles things very well and brings some excitement to it. You look at what Carson can do in terms of some of the other throws that he makes that are pretty dynamic, it does add a whole new element to what we want to do offensively.”

Though Wentz completed 62 percent of his passes for 3,563 yards with 27 touchdowns and seven interceptions, the Colts were clearly determined to move on from the QB this offseason. Time will tell if the vibes Wentz is producing now will translate to wins for the Commanders in the fall

10 responses to “Ron Rivera: Carson Wentz is helping create a “vibe that you’re looking for”

  1. If the Commanders (lol at this Arena League team name) are serious about all this lovey-dovey Wentz talk, they would have restructured his contract to take away the $28m hit that has prevented them from resigning actual players that have been developed here (see: Payne, Scherff, Settle, Ionnadis).

    They were desperate to make a splash and they’re such a toxic team that no free agents ever take this team seriously, and here we are.

  2. Just wait until the excuses start flowing along with the losses on Sunday. That vibe won’t be the one you’re looking for.

  3. Ron: “Wentz is doing the bare minimum. Texting and asking guys to catch. It’s creating a good vibe.”

  4. This will be the end of the road for Wentz.

    That clipboard life is calling his name!!!

  5. Wow! Sound great! On the other hand…..some excerpts from a ESPN May 31, 2021 article on Carson Wentz in Indy:

    “From knocking down deep jumpers to throwing deep passes to his teammates in California and Indianapolis, Wentz has brought some excitement to the Colts in just a short period of time, albeit with no pads or defensive players trying to chase him down.”

    “I see that completely being the same way this year, Wentz said. Because it’s never a one-man show out there. I’m gonna throw the ball where it’s supposed to go on each play.”

    Same story…different town.

  6. It is so sad to see the Commanders (LOL at that name every time) trying to already spin Wentz in to something he obviously is not.
    That is all.

  7. It’s the same story with every team he joins. Bet he’s totally “locked in,” too.

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