Sauce Gardner: I feel like I’m the chosen one

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University of Cincinnati cornerback Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner isn’t expected to be the No. 1 overall choice. USC receiver Keyshawn Johnson was the last non-quarterback, offensive tackle or edge rusher to go No. 1 overall when the Jets selected him in 1996.

Since the AFL-NFL merger, a defensive back has never gone No. 1 overall.

Gardner thinks he should be the first.

“I feel like I’m the chosen one,” Gardner said, via Darryl Slater of of “I feel like I’m the best in the draft. There’s no doubt about it. There’s no way I can be a bust. That shouldn’t even be an option.”

Gardner won’t have to wait long to hear his name called Thursday night. PFT’s mock draft has the Jets selecting Gardner with the fourth overall choice.

Gardner will be happy with wherever he ends up. But true to his nickname, which a youth football coach gave to him because of his swagger, Gardner believes the teams that pass on him will regret it.

“I just feel like I can go on the field and dominate any receiver who lines up in front of me,” Gardner said matter of fact.

Gardner, who turns 22 in August, doesn’t believe he will face an adjustment to the NFL game after making 99 tackles, 3.5 sacks, nine interceptions and 27 pass breakups in his three seasons in college.

“It’ll be easy,” Gardner said. “The older I get, the better I want to get. I don’t want to be one of those guys who gets to about 30 and they say, ‘Ah, he’s about to retire.’ At 30, I want to be playing my best. I want to be better than I was when I was 25.”

After he is told that few NFL corners remain elite past 30, Gardner quickly responded, “I know, but I’m different.”

24 responses to “Sauce Gardner: I feel like I’m the chosen one

  1. Red Flags all over this guy. Reminds me of Jalen Ramsey. Pick this guy up after he’s dumped by the team he was drafted by.

  2. Remember when Josh Rosen said that all the teams who took other QB’s before him made a huge mistake?

    Real bad boys move in silence and violence

  3. This kid hasn’t played a single snap in the NFL and I am already tired of hearing from him

  4. Be confident Sauce and stay that way! To many fans want players to be quiet. Talk to your talk and go back it up! #Bearcats

  5. I liked what I’ve seen and heard from him but he’s sounding a little overconfident and potentially hurting his draft stock. Plus the NFL is different from college football. A lot of us will be coming back to this in a couple years.

  6. Well love em or hate em … as the style of the modern day is for these guys to have a big mouth before debuting on the big stage .. but hey a whole lot of teams would have loved to make this kid their second pick if they could !!! .. but time will tell if the actions back up the words on the field.

  7. If the Jets draft him at #4, then the the Johnson family should be forced to sell, and Joe Namath should be named the team’s GM.

  8. Okay the chosen one, this is not college and you really should not run your mouth. Because these grown men will welcome you to the NFL, I promise. But I like the swag, so good luck.

  9. I think he will back it up and more. Would love to see him on Seahawks as the next Richard Sherman… talk them weak Minnesota receivers into lifting more. (Best mic’d up ever.)

    Now go ahead, thumbs it down but be willing to admit it in 6 months when you are wrong about this kid.

  10. Sauce Gardner gave up 0 touchdowns in 3 years as a starter. The longest pass thrown against him last year was 13 yards. Opposing QBs would have had a better passer rating if they had spiked the ball every down instead of throwing against him. Can any of you legitimately think of a corner with a better resume coming out of college? Of course you can’t. Unlike those of you trashing him, Sauce has put in the work to earn the right to talk.

  11. ‘Mad is a cousin of mine so I can tell you with certainty that the reason he is so confident (to the point that it borders on arrogant) is because of his upbringing. His mother has been in his ear talking him up for a long time. He has the talent, always had it, and fortunately has the genetics that have made him 6’2/6’3. Anyway, I’ve digressed a tad, but the point is, remember, he is a young kid with a mother who has been in his ear his whole life telling him how good is. There is no need for personal attacks on a kid (because that is what he is). Save those comments for the guys with a history of sending out insensitive tweets, not a a guy who is just talking big to with the hopes of improving his draft stock.
    It’s called perspective, by the way.

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