Sean McVay on NFL draft: The key is identifying guys we have a vision for

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When the Rams won Super Bowl LVI, General Manager Les Snead completely embraced the team’s “F them picks” reputation by saying Los Angeles would continue to use high-round draft picks to win more trophies.

But while L.A. hasn’t made a first-round selection since the Obama administration, the team has still used its mid- and late-round picks effectively.

Receiver Cooper Kupp is one example, as he was drafted in the third round in 2017. While defensive tackle Sebastian Joseph-Day signed with the Chargers in free agency, he was a sixth-round selection in 2018 and started for most of the season before an injury kept him out until the Super Bowl. Safety Jordan Fuller, a sixth-round pick in 2020, also started during the 2021 season and when he suffered an injury, 2019 seventh-round safety Nick Scott filled in during the postseason.

As head coach Sean McVay put it in his pre-draft press conference on Tuesday, the Rams have found success by targeting players for specific roles within their systems.

“I think the key is identifying guys that we have a vision for, that fit within our culture but also fit for some of the voids that we might have or areas of need,” McVay said, via Kevin Modesti of the Southern California News Group. “There’s certain players that all 32 teams would agree that this is an elite fit. But [for the rest it’s] being able to have a vision, as you get later, identifying certain traits and characteristics that fit within the framework of how you envision utilizing them and helping them reach their highest potential.

“In a lot of those situations, you’re betting on the human being, looking at the history and the way they’re wired and their background and some of the things they bring to the table.”

The Rams currently have eight picks in the 2022 draft, but their first selection isn’t until No. 104, a compensatory pick late in the third round. The club used its first-round pick to trade for quarterback Matthew Stafford and its second and third-round picks to trade for edge rusher Von Miller.

6 responses to “Sean McVay on NFL draft: The key is identifying guys we have a vision for

  1. I still think while it certainly bodes well for short-term success, long-term the Rams are still going to have problems, because it puts a lot of stress on those later-round players to develop and fill roles needed for team success. When those later round players don’t pan out and then they suffer injuries to the veterans they have, all of a sudden they could be a 3-5 win team. They’re doing okay now because McVay is brilliant and has found ways to overcome difficult situations. But, eventually karma will rear its ugly head.

  2. cliverush68 says:
    Second and third round picks for Vonn who only played half a season. I do not think that was the vision.
    Winning the Super Bowl, hosted in Los Angeles, was the vision. That vision was accomplished. The Rams are the Super Bowl champions and wear that crown until someone else wins a Super Bowl.

  3. Sean McVay is very lucky Shanahan passed on Mac Jones otherwise the 49ers would have been in the SB or instead of the Rams. Shanahan is a better coach than McVay.

  4. The Rams have a culture and a team-building strategy has taken them to 2 Super Bowls in 4 years. I suspect there will be a couple of more in the near future. The rest of the league can have fun with their 1st and 2nd round picks.

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