Study shows Paul Brown Stadium needs nearly $500 million in upgrades over the next 20 years

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The Bengals won’t be looking for taxpayer money to replace their home stadium. They eventually could be looking for taxpayer money to upgrade their stadium.

Via the Cincinnati Business Courier, a study has found that Paul Brown Stadium needs $493.7 million in upgrades over the next 20 years. Neither Hamilton County nor the Bengals have endorsed the study, yet. There’s no intention or plan to build a new stadium.

The team’s lease at the stadium runs through 2026. Whether and to what extent the upgrades are made, and whether and to what extent the Bengals pay for the upgrades, is to be determined.

The venue opened in 2000, replacing Riverfront Stadium. It was one of several multi-purpose venues that looked like oversized ashtrays.

17 responses to “Study shows Paul Brown Stadium needs nearly $500 million in upgrades over the next 20 years

  1. Cheap owner, dumpster fire facilities. Burrow is gone after the rookie deal.

  2. Cincinnati is one of three NFL franchises that I believe public financing for a stadium is appropriate. Buffalo and Green Bay are the other two franchises.

  3. Here comes another extortion of taxpayers from a group that would do Tony Soprano proud – NFL owners!!

  4. Do what Buffalo and Tennessee did and come up with a funding package to replace the stadium!! Keep the Bengals in Cincinnati! Get it done!!

  5. Hamilton County has three options:
    1. Cave now while it’s relatively inexpensive
    2. Drag it out and watch the bill go up
    3. Stop making billionaires richer

    Like everywhere else, they’re taking #2.

  6. Isn’t this open to perception? If fans are filling the stadium regularly are updates truly “needed”


    Fenway Park

  7. These issues should be brought before the people and then let them vote on it. There is no way that a small group of people should be able to put a tax bourdon on every day citizens.

  8. I guess its just me..but I hate seeing how wasteful some of these teams are putting in new billion dollar stadiums when there was nothing wrong with the original ones. Gross misuse of city’s money in a lot of cases. I’ve been to the Bengals stadium a couple times it isnt THAT bad

  9. My solution is to give Mike Brown the stadium for free. He owns it, but he maintains it. He keeps 100% of all proceeds he gets from it, can rent it out for concerts, high school games, whatever he wants. Hell, I’d probably throw in $100M just to totally get off from any financial obligation in the future. I think it would be hard for him to justify leaving and we all know that $500M upgrade could be done for less than half if Mike Brown were paying the bills rather than the county.

  10. Are stadium seats and hot dog rotisseries really supposed to change that much in the next 20 years?

  11. When the city of Miami refused to upgrade the Orange Bowl Miami Dolphins founder put every asset save one up for collateral to build what is now Hard Rock Stadium. He also had to ear mark all sky box revenues towards going to pay the stadium off. He was no billionare.

  12. I don’t like taxpayers giving welfare to billionaires (who already get special tax breaks because of the NFL’s status), and, as someone says above, taxpayers should be allowed to vote on stuff like this.

    A couple of other points:

    1. I really hate that billion dollar stadiums are now expected to be replaced after 20 years. That’s ridiculous (not talking about Cincy, but almost every other team wanting a new stadium these days).

    2. New stadiums should be built with an eye to future upgrades and remodeling.

    3. The NFL – NOT TAXPAYERS – should finance stadium construction and renovations through low interest loans to team owners. They have the money, and if an owner wants to borrow $2 billion and pay it off over 30 years, they can afford that – especially now that franchise valuations are skyrocketing.

    St. Louis built the Rams a new dome that opened in 1995. They were still paying that off and were willing to finance another new stadium to keep the team. That kind of thing is crazy, and absolutely NOT what city/county officials should be putting on taxpayers.

  13. I’m not one to defend Mike Browns cheapness but his net worth is under one billion dollars….Can he afford to pay for indoor practice facility? Sure but can he afford 500 million to update the stadium? Probably not

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