The clock ticks toward a potential Deebo Samuel deal

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The 49ers have not slammed the door on a Deebo Samuel trade. Deebo supposedly has slammed the door on returning to the 49ers.

As the first round of the draft approaches, the clock ticks toward a potential deal that will send Deebo to a new team.

On one hand, the 49ers could be trying to get through the draft and then hope that the passage of time plus efforts to sweet talk Deebo will result in Samuel choosing to stay put, at least for another year. On the other hand, the 49ers could be waiting for — if not already sitting on — a great offer for Samuel.

Remember this. There’s no reason for the 49ers to finalize a trade and slide into a slot in round one before that pick is on the clock. The smart move is to wait until the team that will be trading for Samuel has entered its 10-minute window for making its first-round pick. Otherwise, the 49ers risk being leapfrogged by someone who accurately guesses the name of the player the 49ers plan to pick.

That could be exactly what they 49ers are doing, waiting for the pick to be on the clock before pulling the trigger. However, sports books like DraftKings still have the 49ers as the clear favorite as the next team for which Samuel line up, at -350. The Jets land at +500 to snag Samuel.

Will the Jets do it? Will someone else? Within the next 48 hours, we’ll have some sort of an answer.

8 responses to “The clock ticks toward a potential Deebo Samuel deal

  1. Jets will not be trading for Deebo. Joe Douglas is way too smart to pay the draft capital when the Jets could get four new inexpensive starters out of the draft that they can keep for not too much for five years. On top of that cost, Samuel, clearly expects a five year deal with at least a $25 million p/yr guarantee. No way, no how for the Jets.

    Jets are not one Deebo away from being a SB contender. It would be different if they were.

    I don’t know if his performance will match how he does business, but Douglas is the smartest Jets GM I have seem in 40 years.

  2. If the 9ERS aren’t getting two 1st rounders then they shouldn’t trade him.

    Deebo shattered the NFL YAC record (yards after catch), also broke the record for rushing touchdowns by a WR, led the league in YPC (yards per reception) accounted for 15 TDs, is younger then both Davante and Tyreek. Achieved all his stats without the luxury of having a HOF QB.

    9ERS should pay him or get (2) 1st round picks back in a trade. Plain and simple

  3. NOBODY is going to touch him and his extortion contract demands until Monday at the soonest, after all the UDFAs have been signed;

    hard to have sympathy for Greedo Samuel;

  4. Noone is surely going to trade for him without having agreed the details of an extension, in which case they can’t simply wait for the Jets or whoever else to be on the clock as they won’t agree to the trade.

  5. I would trade Deebo and Jimmy G to the Panthers for Christian McAffrey and some picks. C Mac would give the 49ers that missing Deebo elementz

    Or I would try to get Quinnen Williams from the Jets because we need a 1 Technique who can draw a double team to play alongside Bods and bring back that 2019 defensive vibe.

  6. Hard to trade for a guy that has stated he wants to be the highest paid non-QB in the league.

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