Are Ravens setting up a possible trade for Deebo Samuel?

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams
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The biggest surprise of the night came when the Ravens sent receiver Marquis “Hollywood” Brown to the Cardinals and the 100th overall selection in the draft for a first-round pick. Making that surprise even more surprising is that it happened well before the pick the Ravens are getting from the Cardinals is on the clock.

The Ravens have acquired the 23rd overall pick. And everyone knows it. Which means that other teams can plot to try to jump them, the way the Eagles did to get defensive tackle Jordan Davis.

So why would the Ravens make that move well before the pick is on the clock? Here’s an explanation that makes sense. Maybe they’ll now shop that pick to the 49ers as part of a trade for receiver Deebo Samuel.

Samuel makes plenty of sense for the Ravens. He’s competitive, hard-nosed, and versatile. In a run-based offense, he’ll fit right in. He can take short passes and take off.

Again, there otherwise no reason for the Ravens to finalize that deal until the 23rd pick was on the clock. The only reason to do it early is if they plan to do something with the pick other than use it.

8 responses to “Are Ravens setting up a possible trade for Deebo Samuel?

  1. Perhaps they were concerned about someone else trading for that 23rd pick. I can’t imagine Samuel being happy in the Ravens offense.

  2. Don’t think so. Niners apparently turned down jets #10. Why would they take #23 without significant other compensation

  3. Doubt it. Deebo wants out of SF to play with a real QB. Baltimore keeps him in the same boat.

  4. To pay him 20 mil per? They can’t even pay Lamar and they want to waste picks on Samuel?

    What is the matter with people?

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