Bills trade up, take Kaiir Elam at No. 23

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The Ravens made one of Thursday night’s biggest moves when they dealt wide receiver Marquise Brown and a third-round pick to the Cardinals in exchange for the 23rd overall selection.

They made a somewhat smaller move with that pick when they traded it to the Bills for the 25th and 130th selections in this year’s draft. Buffalo used the pick to take Florida cornerback Kaiir Elam.

Elam started games during all three seasons with the Gators and intercepted five passes during his time in their secondary. He joins a Bills cornerback group that lost Levi Wallace as a free agent and may open the season without Tre'Davious White as he recovers from a torn ACL.

The Ravens now have sixth fourth-round picks to go with No. 25, a second-rounder and two thirds, so they may not be done wheeling and dealing.

13 responses to “Bills trade up, take Kaiir Elam at No. 23

  1. Hilarious need panic move.

    Anyone trading up in Rd 1 in this draft is an idiot. It’s a weak rd 1 and you get the same quality in Rds 2-4.

    The drop off is not severe. Everyone who even barely follows the draft, knows this.

    This is a trade back draft.

  2. Of course this is a trade back draft. It’s been touted as a great draft to get depth. It’s not exciting but teams are trading and trying to fill gaps. The funny thing is AFC East teams seem to be targeting defensive backs. I’m curious of who they might be nervous of?

  3. Hilarious need panic move.

    The fear continues to grow, and Buffalo still hasn’t punted.

  4. Welcome to Buffalo, Kaiir, help bring home a Lombardi and you will be legend.

  5. Shouldn’t Pats fans be worried about their reach of a pick that had the Rams staff in hysterics?

  6. And it’s not a “trade back” draft for the Bills.

    The last thing they need is more picks. They’ll make picks this year that won’t make the roster, because they have too much talent already.

    They liked this guy & from the sounds of it, so did Dallas. Beane’s instincts are pretty stellar so far in his Buffalo career.

  7. Can never have enough good cb’s!!! Only costed a 4th !!! Bean is slapping bb around!!!

  8. This is why BB continues to play chess while the Bills play checkers.

    While the Bills are over here picking guys to cover receivers, BB doesn’t have any for them to cover. What a wasted pick!

    Check. Mate.

  9. Waste of a move. The Cowboys did not need a CB for one and had no intentions of taking him. Was not even a consideration considering they never talked with him in any form and Dallas always drafts guys they interview or meet.

  10. touchback6 says:

    April 28, 2022 at 10:49 pm

    This is a trade back draft.
    You realize that someone has to trade up for any trade backs to occur, right? Maybe you don’t, but that doesn’t matter. A 4th round pick who may not even make the team is well worth being able to move up and select the guy you really want. I understand you’re hurting and could probably use that 4th rounder yourself because he definitely would make your team, but of course your terrible GM already had the biggest reeaach of the draft so far this year.

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