Commanders take receiver Jahan Dotson at No. 16

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The Commanders could have had receiver Jameson Williams at No. 11. They passed, opting to trade down five spots. In that lower spot, the Commanders got a receiver.

Penn State’s Jahan Dotson heads to Washington, as the complement to Terry McLaurin (unless he gets traded). It shows that they’re doing what they have to do to add talent around quarterback Carson Wentz, a player the team doesn’t view as a short-term solution.

The decision to not take Williams and to wait for Dotson creates an interesting apples-to-apples comparison between those two players as their careers unfold. Williams, when healthy, could be special. The Commanders will be secretly hoping he isn’t, or at least not more special than Dotson.

6 responses to “Commanders take receiver Jahan Dotson at No. 16

  1. The real comparison is Williams to Dotson plus the two players they get with their newly obtained draft choices.

  2. They could have had the best receiver in the draft but they reached for a 2nd rounder? Wow.

  3. As recent drafts of WR’s have proven, no one knows who the best receivers in an NFL draft are. For example, Davante Adams was the 9th receiver taken in 2016. Getting two additional picks in the mid rounds and one of the top 5-6 receivers in the draft is a justifiable move by Washington. Is it a good move???? Only time will tell.

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