Cowboys select Tulsa OT Tyler Smith at No. 24

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The Cowboys could have gone defense with Devin Lloyd, Jermaine Johnson and George Karlaftis still on the board. Instead, they decided to try to strengthen their offense line.

The Cowboys selected Tulsa offensive tackle Tyler Smith at No. 24. Smith was born in Fort Worth and played his high school football at North Crowley High School.

It wasn’t long ago that the Cowboys’ offensive line was considered the best in the NFL.

But center Travis Frederick retired after the 2019 season and left tackle Tyron Smith has missed 32 games the past six seasons. This offseason, the Cowboys lost left guard Connor Williams to the Dolphins in free agency, and they waived right tackle La'el Collins.

Smith is one of the youngest players in the draft, having just turned 21 this month. He was a three-year starter at left tackle at Tulsa, but he had 12 penalties in 12 games last season after being flagged seven times in 14 games from 2019-20.

He is expected to see his first NFL action at left guard, competing with Connor McGovern to replace Williams. Williams, Martin and Collins all played tackle in college but began their NFL careers at guard. Collins later moved from left guard to right tackle.

14 responses to “Cowboys select Tulsa OT Tyler Smith at No. 24

  1. What makes Dak Zeke Lamb Gallup and Shultz better?
    One Key missing pice! Welcome stud!

  2. but he had 12 penalties in 12 games last season after being flagged seven times in 14 games from 2019-20.

    So this guy they drafted will pick up right where guard Connor Williams left off. Nothing like
    bringing on another drive killer to the team.

  3. Thats a second rounder in the first with plenty of better defensive players on the board.

  4. Trenches. Both sides.
    Eagles Giants RedCommanders still have NO qb prospects ….
    Best qb in the division equals division champions……
    Dem Boyz. Yawn sleep well …..

  5. Ya know, when I was disappointed last year when we didn’t get a CB, atleast we got a decent consolation prize in Micah Parsons. But this year the highest rated center in years is available. One of the top rated DEs hadnt been drafted. A highly touted LB on the board. And we pick….a project. Not just a ‘slap a coat of paint on it and flip it’ project. But a ‘burn it to the ground, fill in the foundation and move it to the other side of the lot’ project. In the first round. I hate this team.

  6. And this is why Jerrah and his minions are failures. Larry Allen was a 2nd rounder and Mark Stepnoski was a 3rd rounder. All the other guys…Newton, Tuinei, Gesek, Gogan were undrafted or late round picks. Now Jerrah has to use first round picks on the oline to get it right which means no first rounders for dline or secondary which has been a soft spot for YEARS. Oh, wait. That’s right. He took a running back in the first round as well.

  7. So this is a Stephen Jones pick then – wait for Jerry to roast his son in a couple years. Penalty machine will slide right where Connor Williams left. Lol cowboys

  8. Yep , it was a reach . The body language in the war room when the pick was called said it all .

  9. Trenches = Wins!
    I love it when the Cowboys have great lines and plow through their opponents like a bulldozer every play and gobble up opposing ball carriers.

  10. LOL. Cowboy’s fans that think this a great pick are delusional. Poor footwork. Specializes in holding penalties. Had a third round grade. Makes Conner Williams look like a pro bowler.

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