Giants are basically betting against Daniel Jones

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Sometimes, players bet on themselves. Sometimes, teams bet on players. On Thursday, the Giants placed a bet against quarterback Daniel Jones.

By not picking up Jones’s fifth-year option, the Giants have wagered that Jones won’t play well enough to justify a guaranteed salary of $22.83 million in 2023.

As the quarterback market sails past $40 million per year, what’s $22.83 million for another year with Jones? If they truly believed in him, they wouldn’t hesitate to make the commitment.

Consider this comment from co-owner John Mara, made on March 27: “People are realizing it’s by far the most important position in sports and either you have one or you don’t. We think we have one.”

Do they though? If they did, they’d gladly bet on him, not against him.

There’s another angle to consider in this regard. At the Scouting Combine, G.M. Joe Schoen suggested they’d made a decision after getting to know him better. Well, they have. And they decided not to pick up the option.

Bottom line? Next February, they’ll either be upset that they need to use the franchise tag (at roughly $34 million) to keep him or happy that they avoided owing him $22.83 million. The Giants are betting they’ll be happy they avoided the $22.83 million.

In other words, they’ve bet against Daniel Jones.

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  1. He’s shown nothing in three years to justify the fifth-year option. If Jones proves them wrong, the Giants can still Franchise him. Better this than becoming a Mayfield-like albatross.

  2. That is what happens when QB’s get drafted by coaches who get fired the next couple years.

  3. If he plays well then they sign him to a deal. They would have done that either way.

  4. The Giants made the correct decision, teams are tired of vastly overpaying QB’s for very little production.

  5. I wouldn’t say they bet against him. They bet on the comparison between either having a player they don’t want anymore next year at 22 million fully guaranteed, compared to Jones playing out of his mind this year and they franchise him for 12m more than that. So from that baseline, either they save 22m or they spend an extra 12 if he plays worth it. It sounds like a win win to me for the team, and a good motivator for Daniel Jones. He knows this is probably his last chance to be a starter before he descends into backup QB land. Or they could always extend him instead of franchising him for 34 and probably pay him about 22m next year for the first year of a long term deal anyways.

  6. Daniel Jones might be a good QB on different team but on that Giants team, he won’t amount to a hill o’ beans.

  7. You’re right, they should have committed to the 5th year option like the Browns did with Baker Mayfield. How has that worked out?

  8. If you haven’t shown anything in 3 seasons a 4th isn’t going to be any different..

  9. He hasn’t shown enough. Just flashes here and there. The Giants have been a train wreck since long before Jones arrived.

  10. Unfortunately the rest of the league already knew this 4 years ago. Giants are gonna Giant.

  11. Even if he has a great “year”, he’s then not going to get much more than $40M per year for like 5 years. So you basically only have to pay $6M more that first year than franchise, but can structure if over the life for like an extra $1.2M per. Small gamble, especially if you also found out he is in fact the guy.

  12. Not sure how you arrive at that conclusion. If anything they are hedging their bet, not betting against. They still want Jones to succeed and if he doesn’t their not on the hook for 22m for a QB they won’t want.

  13. Take away his first season and Jones has 21TDs/17INTs, that doesn’t deserve a team picking up a QBs 5th year option, remember it is the teams option not the players!

    It looks like the G-Men are finally getting a little smarter!

  14. The Giants are being smart – even if he plays better he wont be getting 23 million per year from anybody – now he might get a bit more from a new club ak Trubisky 27 million with a whole bunch of incentives – but only if he blows the world away – not likely. The Giants are not the Bears – but a close 2nd as far as recent mismanagement is concerned – but it was the smart move. If that isnt an incentive to get better what is? And dont us the $40 million Rodgers/Mahommes/Watson stuff – not anywhere close to the top 25 QB’s in the league – maybe the bottom 10 both salary wise and performance where is where he belongs. Put a team around him and what will happen – but it is a good bet and not a negative one against him IMO

  15. Not really, seems like simple math to me. If they take the option and he bombs then they are out around 23 million. If they don’t take the option and he lights it up they will need to spend around 34 million. So that’s a loss of 11 million. Better to lose 11 million than 23 million.

  16. The fans, the team and mgmt will be happy to be proved wrong; it would have been mindless to not kick the 5th year.

  17. The Giants are betting against Daniel Jones. So would most Giant fans at this point.

    As a Jets fan, I figured Darnold would improve dramatically out of New York. But I also figured given the state of the team, they needed to move Darnold regardless to get a QB on a rookie contract. And at first, it seemed like a dumb move….but then Darnold kept playing…and….now the Jets fleeced Carolina Badly.

    If a QB doesn’t prove something in 25-30 QB starts, he isn’t the guy.

  18. As rookies

    Mac Jones > Josh Allen
    Here and now:

    Josh Allen > Mac Jones

  19. “Giants are basically betting against Daniel Jones” is an insipid and short-sighted article title. Not recklessly gambling on something you are not sure about right now is not the same as betting against something…or someone. Daniel Jones has a great opportunity in front of him this season. And the NY Giants have given themselves options.

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