If Aidan Hutchinson is on the board at No. 2, the Lions should not hesitate

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Jacksonville’s choice could be Detroit’s gain.

With recent momentum nudging the Jaguars away from Michigan defensive end Aidan Hutchinson and toward Georgia defensive end Travon Walker, the Lions are sitting very pretty at No. 2.

Michigan born. Michigan bred. Michigan man, through and through. Apart from the skill that has put him at the top of the draft class, his local ties will help put asses in the seats for the Lions.

Ultimately, that’s what it’s about. Teams need to be good enough to contend. They also need to have enough players to get fans to want to show up. Of the available options at the top of the draft, Hutchinson is the one that helps the Lions do both.

If they want a quarterback (and they should), they can address that later. Or they can trade for Baker Mayfield. (Yep, I’m still trying.) But Hutchinson should be the no-brainer choice for the Lions, if he’s there at No. 2.

Some who are picking sufficiently low to get either Walker or Hutchinson (and thus have no way to engineer a slide by either of them) believe Hutchinson is the much better player.

Whether the Lions see this clearly and immediately could be the ultimate litmus test as to whether they’re finally on the right track.

43 responses to “If Aidan Hutchinson is on the board at No. 2, the Lions should not hesitate

  1. When Aidan Hutchinson is on the board at one, the Jaguars should not hesitate… unless they can trade down.

  2. Thibodeaux is the better prospect, but we shouldn’t be upset if Hutchinson is the pick. Pundits be damned.

  3. Thibodeaux will be the pick at 2. Write it down. There’s a reason he “quit” the combine. He knows he’s going no later than 2. It upset a lot of teams who want him to fall. But he won’t.

  4. Mayfield isn’t an upgrade over Goff. No point in giving up assets for a prima donna when you’ve got an equally average QB who is at least a good cultural fit. I’m fine giving Goff another season, using the 32nd and 34th picks to get some hopeful starters, and then addressing QB next year in a better draft and when we can get out of Goff’s deal easily (or extend him if he surprises).

  5. I disagree. If he is available, they should field calls to see what they can get. They have so many needs that moving down to 6-10 and getting more picks would be wise.

  6. All the sport media outlets say the same thing. That if Aidan Hutchinson is there at #2, that the Lions should not hesitate, that there’s nothing to think about. If that were true, why do all these same sources hesitate to have the Jaguars select this same player? Between the Jaguars and Lions, the teams needs are very similar – so wouldn’t also the two teams’ draft strategies be similar? The only reason the media is in love with Hutchinson going to the Lions is because Hutch played at Michigan. That’s it and that’s all.

  7. As a Lions fan if Hutchinson is on the board at 2 and the Lions pass on him I will be gutted.

  8. There is no QB worth wasting a 1st round pick on (or even a second round pick) or wasting any pick on Baker (unless the Browns pay his salary), but drafting someone purely because he is local is why bad teams remain bad. The only way to put asses in the seat is to win, not by bringing in locals (Vikings tried this with a certain QB)/players rapidly going downhill (Arizona)/diva coaches (Jags) etc. Though Adrian is a solid pick, a football player (not a look at me) and decent choice, none of the top players jump out as “generational, game changer, once in a decade” type player.

  9. Thibodeaux is the better prospect


    I don’t know, we get a lot of Oregon games where I live and he is always mentioned as a “player to watch” pregame and most of the time you wonder if he’s playing. Guy has Vernon Gholston written all over him imo.

  10. Rumor here in Florida is owner Shad Khan wants proven player in Hutchinson, while GM Trent Baalke wants the potential of Trayvon Walker. I’ve seen so many draft busts by Jacksonville since I moved here that I have to agree with KHAN!

  11. Selecting him because of local ties would be the Lions thing to do. In the NFL, talent/skill > origin/motor. You take Thibodaux one of them SEC boys (Trayvon Walker, Jermaine Johnson) or trade down. And if he’s there still, then you take him.

  12. What would Kevin Costner do?

    Curse at guys for eating pancakes.

  13. If Hutchinson is on the board at 2 and the Lions DONT pick him then the Texans are going to be thrilled. Im praying that the first 4 teams are nuts and he slips to my Giants (I know its a pipe dream).

  14. I’m hoping for Hutch both because I want him and because I want nothing to do with Thibodeaux. It has nothing to do with “off the field”. I don’t get the hype for him as a player even. He neither filled up the stat sheets, nor did he test as a MONSTER. He has been all hype from day one. He may not be a bust and may even be a great player, but there is nothing of substance to show that. Watching his tape you see a player just trying to run by or bull rush the tackle. If that doesn’t work he gives up on the play and appears to be hoping the play doesn’t come back his way.

  15. Hutchinson at 2 OR a trade down would be good. My dream scenario is trading down for the two Philly picks, but I doubt that will happen.

    Lions have a ton of holes to fill, and they can land a star LB or WR in the middle of the round. If they were to land the Philly picks, that fixes both of those spots (or a solid DE and WR, then the LB at the end of the round). Take a safety with the #34 pick, and that position group becomes solid as well… assuming, of course, that all of the choices pan out, which is always a question.

    Standing pat, I’d love to see Hutchinson at 2, then the best LB or S at the end of the round, then whichever is best between the available WRs or LB/S (whichever didn’t get picked earlier) at #34. Top of the third round is simply “best available” to increase the talent on the roster.

    If this draft executes well and players pan out, the rebuild is looking decent. An 8-9 (or even 7-10) record at the end of the season shows progress, and two first rounders next year positions the team with a young roster.

    Goff, I think, can be a solid piece if he has a good roster. He doesn’t need to be a top 10 quarterback. He’s on a team-friendly contract for the next 3 seasons, which gives the team time to draft a “has tools but needs coaching” quarterback or two in that time to learn and develop.

    It’s Day 1 of the draft and we have a high pick – this is optimism season for us long-suffering Lions fans. 🙂

  16. No one in Detroit wants Baker Mayfield. The coaches don’t want him. The GM doesn’t want him. The fans DON’T WANT HIM! Ownership doesn’t want him. No one wants him. If Clevland wants to trade us Baker and 2 first round picks, we’ll take him off their hands, but we still don’t want him. We don’t want him today, we don’t want him tomorrow, we don’t want him next week, we don’t want him next month. WE DON’T WANT HIM!

  17. “spikeit2times says:
    April 28, 2022 at 11:54 am
    All the sport media outlets say the same thing. That if Aidan Hutchinson is there at #2, that the Lions should not hesitate, that there’s nothing to think about.”

    Because the assumption is that the Jags take Walker. If the media had them taking Thibodeaux than there may be more of a case made for Walker over Hutch. If not, then you would be correct that the Michigan connection was driving the narrative.

  18. Everyone in the building in Detroit is praying that the Jags take Walker. Getting Hutchinson, the most can’t miss prospect in this draft who also happens to have gone to Michigan, is an absolute dream scenario for them.

  19. Yes they should. Deep DE draft. Potential game changer in Sauce. Draft DE 32. Or if possible, trade down a few if NY comes calling. Then take Sauce.

  20. As a diehard Michigan and Lions fan i gotta be honest and say Hutchinson isn’t the slam dunk pick people make him out to be. So much of his production came from teams putting additional personal on Ojabo or a complete breakdown by the offense, he is talented and his relentless motor did provide a lot of production as well but as a whole Thibodeaux is the more talented of the two. Gonna be a interesting draft for sure

  21. crankycanuck, great comment, I 100% agree. You are much too logical and insightful to still be a Lions fan. I thought we were all delusional! 😀

  22. lifelong lions fan snd michigan readient who actually lives In ann arbor here , but NOT a rabid michigan fan- I didn’t go there, but I do follow then readonly close becuase irs hard not to living here. I’m not biased through UM goggles.

    i think one of the big things that a lot of the commenters saying that the lions should pass on Hutchinson aren’t taking into consideration is it necessarily just his talent on the field, which for the record is considerable.

    I think if you look at the big 3 of DE up high In KT, TW and AH, That over all their talent is somewhat comparable.

    I think that of the 3 that TW might be the most intriguing because of his versatility being able to move around more, And the fact that he seems to be untapped. With that being said there also is the mild concern that he didn’t put the numbers up and was on a stacked Georgia defense, But I think that those specific concerns with him are somewhat minimal.

    KT As far as I see may be the best pure full on beat the LT and rush the quarterback type player out of the 3. I also think that he has the most potential to be a dominant pass rusher of the 3
    at day 1 and has maybe a higher ceiling based on what we see this exact moment as far as his development goes. there are also a few concerns with him , but I think some of them are maybe a little hype – he almost reminds me of Suh in that white suh brought it on the field and played hard he was all about Suh the brand rather than long term trying to develop a winning culture here. also, KT did take some pays off. again , i think alot of the concerns are somewhat exaggerated

    As far as AH goes – he’s a finished product. his production is there, his tape is there, he testing is there, and his character is there. yes he kinds did get shut down in the GA game , but he BROUGHT it during the OSU game and took over. and whole this might be hard for some to understand- Even though GA was the CFP , the osu game WAS a bigger game to the team , the fans, and the university when you look at the totality of what it was. it was by far the biggest stage of the seasons and he stepped up.

    The BIGGEST issue the lions had by far is a losing culture. they have had talented players and some actually pretty decent teams over the last 15 or so years , but they just simply didn’t know how to win. AH can help change that becaue he’s a leader. he will be the first one at the facility and set an example. the local ties will motivate him even more , and he won’t want to embaress himself on or off the field. his father is also a prominent physician who also played at UM, and he will have friends and family at every game ,and he will do alot for local communities. If you have listened to the coaching staff in the front office and what they want to do and Expect from this team AH Fits that to a t.

    i aslo belive that from a talent on the field standpoint people saying he has a low ceiling are inaccurate- if there is one player who will do every single thing to get better- it’s him. i also believe that he has a incredibly low chance of being a total bust.

    I honestly wouldn’t be upset if the lions took either 3 of the top de, But I think that taking AH total no brainer when you look at the whole package. this is prob the most important draft for the Lions in over a decade. I really do believe if the lions are able to turn it around and start winning That in a few years if that happens if that happens people will look back and credit Aiden Hutchinson With being the lynchpin That really started to make that happen.

  23. lukedunphysscienceproject says:
    April 28, 2022 at 12:55 pm
    Everyone in the building in Detroit is praying that the Jags take Walker. Getting Hutchinson, the most can’t miss prospect in this draft who also happens to have gone to Michigan, is an absolute dream scenario for them.

    Guess you must work in the Lions front office then? And I’ll also guess you didn’t watch all those Michigan games where he disappeared against top tier teams? In fact his one outstanding game was against OSU. Four tackles and no sacks against Georgia and vs Michigan State Kenneth Walker ran for 200 yards and 5 (FIVE!) touchdowns while Hutch did nothing. And please don’t argue that teams just constantly ran away from him because Ojabo was on the other side and he’s a baller

  24. I can disagree, but as a Texans fan I hope they screw it up so my team can get him.

  25. It would be fun to see such a Michigan guy go to the Lions. This is the first time in forever that I’ve felt suspense about picks 1 and 2 in the NFL draft. There’s been so much hype. Hopefully neither guy is a bust.

  26. If he is there then sure, but I’d love to see some non head team try and trade the farm to jump up to 2 and the lions trade back to the 5-9th pick and a bevy of additional picks

  27. I don’t think the Lions can lose. If the Jags do take Hutchinson, they scoop up Walker. If the Jags take anyone else, than take Hutch. Personally, I think the Lions defense would be better with Walker. He’s faster and bigger, but not quite as polished as Hutchinson. I think if Hutchinson does slide to the Lions, they’ll likely get a couple calls about a trade. But I don’t think Campbell/Holmes will bite.

  28. When you know what you got for a choice, you take that and not some possible high ceiling player. Because that is just like rolling dice. A sure thing is a sure thing!

  29. This is how bad teams stay bad. They look for the quick fix of raising ticket sales instead of doing what would permantetly put fans in the stands, winning. If you win they will come. A hometown draft pick will only peak interest for a season or so. If you win a title you will create fans for generations. Hometown picks go bad all the time and sometimes brings too much pressure. Don’t leave the better player on the board for sentimental reasons but the Lions like to do the wrong thing.

  30. The needs of the Lions and Jaguars are as different as their respective locales.

  31. No way Khan is going to let that happen. He will take a 10-15 year starting LG/LT. That’s the move. You lock down the left side of your OL w/ Icky Ekonu.

  32. It’s a simple choice. Last Lions top Michigan pick: Taylor Decker. Last Lions Oregon pick Joey Harrington. You decide.

  33. Lions, draft Kayvon, then get Dean, then get Cine. First 3 picks would look awesome on our defense.

  34. As a Lions fan if Hutchinson is on the board at 2 and the Lions JUMP on him I will be gutted.

    Georgia OWNED him. He’s a mid-late 2nd talent. Book it!

  35. Another overrated Big 10 player. Ohio State is only Big 10 that consistently has 1st round NFL talent. BTW, have not ties to Ohio State at all.

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