Jaguars make Travon Walker the first overall pick, as expected

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The Jaguars got the first overall pick for the second straight year the hard way. They earned it.

A year after using the No. 1 selection on quarterback Trevor Lawrence, the Jaguars flipped to the other side of the ball. The pick was, as expected (recently), Georgia edge rusher Travon Walker.

Walker emerged as the betting favorite to be the first pick in recent days. Before that, the favorite was Michigan edge rusher Aidan Hutchinson.

The Jaguars were hoping to trade down a few spots. They obviously had no takers.

Many around the league have more faith in Hutchinson. One person with extensive scouting experience and employed by a team picking too low to get either player told PFT recently that Hutchinson is the far better player. As always, time will tell.

Walker opted not to attend the draft. The Commissioner will have to wait for his bear hugs.

10 responses to “Jaguars make Travon Walker the first overall pick, as expected

  1. As a jags fan. Can we borrow a GM for just a season or 2. Hoping his upside far outweighs the opinions I have heard. Also needs to take driving lessons.

  2. All you people commenting act as if you are scouts. You are all grown men who are obsessed over 21 year old young men. Maybe he makes it in the league or maybe he doesn’t but one things for certain, you and your 9-5 life will have no bearing on his outcome.

  3. Passing on the concensus best available draft pick to draft a mid to late first round at best project. This is why my Jags will always be known as perinial losers. Khan is the worst owner in the league. Ballke has got to have something sinister on Khan to still be able to have a job and make idiotic picks like Walker. Khan should sell the team to someone who is serious about winning. Maybe the NFL will strip him of ownership and sell the team for him. Sorry for my rant. Just tired of pulling for a losing team year in and year out.

  4. Terrible pick. Draft a ‘generational talent’ at QB.. then take a DL that had 9.5 sacks in 4 years. This is why the Jags are the Jags.

  5. Different coaches, GMs, and even a different owner – but it’s the same old Jaguars year after year, decade after decade. Reaching for an SEC guy in the first round – gee that’s a new one. They’ll never improve on the field until they improve in the front office – from the owner down.

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