Jaguars would like to trade down a few spots, but can’t find any takers

NFL: APR 25 2019 NFL Draft
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The Jaguars declared last week that they’ve narrowed their field of potential No. 1 overall picks to four. As a practical matter, this means that they can move down to No. 4 and still get one of the guys on their list.

Per a league source, the Jaguars are still hoping that they can find a path out of the top pick. However, they continue to find no takers.

At last week’s pre-draft press conference, G.M. Trent Baalke said no one has called about trading up. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Teams could be waiting until the right moment to make a move.

It hinges on whether a team sufficiently loves one of the top players to justify moving up. There continues to be no indication  that the Lions at No. 2, the Texans at No. 3, the Jets at No. 4, or anyone else has become sufficiently smitten with any one player to make the move.

Our guess is that it won’t happen. Whether it does or doesn’t is one of the things that will or won’t play out before Jacksonville’s 10-minute window expires later tonight.

10 responses to “Jaguars would like to trade down a few spots, but can’t find any takers

  1. the problem is probably the asking price. teams generally want a good pick to move down a few spots. when in reality, the difference between the top 3 edge rushers (projected to go in top 4 picks) isnt worth the price of a decent pick

  2. There is nobody worthy of the #1 overall pick. It’s like 2013 with Eric Fisher going #1. Still miles ahead 0f #2 Luke Joeckel and #3 Dion Jordan. That was one ugly first round.

  3. Everyone saying this is a weak class. It seems to be weaker at the top but has higher level players in mid rounds than last year.

  4. If you’re selling something and there’s “no takers” then you’re asking too much.

  5. With the talent in this draft which is sparse specially at QB, maybe a team in the twenties could offer a 7th rounder to go with their 1st for the 1st overall pick and none of the players jump off the board as a true number 1 type pick. There is salary cap factor that the required amount having to pay by draft position doesn’t equal that pick.

  6. Moving up in the draft is usually always a bad move and costs the franchise for years to come.

  7. Somewhere lurking in round 3 is a future stud everyone is going to go “wow! how did that happen”

    Jockeying over the top 10 and leveraging your future is so ridiculous. Somewhere in this draft are the next Tony Romo, Kurt Warner, Priest Holmes, Antonio Gates, James Harrison (all UDFA’s, btw)

  8. I honestly don’t know how bad this years draft is , but EVERY DRAFT has studs. The problem with Jags is other teams know how poorly they are run from owner to GM , so they just might wait till the Jags are on the clock and pressured & make them do something stupid.

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