Jets spring back into round one, take Jermaine Johnson with 26th pick

2022 NFL Draft - Red Carpet
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Good things happen in threes. Maybe even for the Jets.

The original Titans traded back into the first round with the current Titans, snagging the 26th overall pick. With the pick, the Jets selected Florida State edge rusher Jermaine Johnson.

Johnson joins cornerback Sauce Gardner (fourth) and receiver Garrett Wilson (10th) as new members of the Jets. If two of them hit, the Jets will be in good shape. If all three hit, the Jets could finally contend, again.

It’s the most first-round picks for the Jets since they had four in 2000.

10 responses to “Jets spring back into round one, take Jermaine Johnson with 26th pick

  1. Wow Joe Douglas absolutely sleighed the draft..I don’t why Jermaine slipped but we will take he looks good to me

  2. As much as I hate the jets, it will be good to see them compete in the AL East again.

  3. Thanks to that, the Jets probably have managed the best first round of any team in this draft.

    But are they good enough to make the most of it? I’m not sure. I see a team like the Ravens, who also had an outstanding first round, making better use of who they picked.

    Now add a little more beef to the OL and some more offensive skill players, and the team may surge this coming year.

  4. Congrats Jets fans on an outstanding first this year’s draft. I was at my cousin’s house (he’s a Jets fan) and told him around pick number 23 that the Jets should trade back into the first round since they had the ammo in which to do so and pick JJ. Sure enough they did and my cousin was ecstatic when it actually happened. But the icing on the cake was the genius of Belicheat selecting a third round talent three picks later. We’ll be laughing at that for days. We both live less than an hour’s drive from Boston.

  5. If they are all worth second contracts then the Jets will have had their value and may be trading WRs for picks as we’ve seen. They had to try something!

  6. tapper0510 says:
    April 28, 2022 at 11:28 pm
    In three years all these guys plus Zach will be looking for their second contract.

    And if all of them are good, one of them will get dropped/traded. That the reality of the hard cap system.

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