Kansas wants to use sports betting to attract Chiefs from Missouri

Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs
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Missouri lost the Rams to California. Missouri could next lose the Chiefs to a state much closer to home.

Via the Associated Press, legislators in Kansas are crafting a law that would both authorize sports wagering and use the revenue to get the Chiefs to cross the river for a new stadium.

The Kansas House already has approved the bill. The Kansas Senate was close to creating its own version, but an unexpected filibuster on Wednesday night has delayed the measure.

If signed into law, the proposal would allow sports wagering in Kansas, with a 10-percent tax on each bet and 80-percent of that revenue funding incentives to lure pro sports teams to Kansas. Target include the Chiefs, the Royals of Major League Baseball, and pro basketball or hockey teams.

One impediment to the law seems to be the absence of any clear link between authorizing sports wagering and attracting the Chiefs. One lawmaker called it a “slush fund,” arguing that it won’t ever be enough money to successfully attract a team.

The Chiefs declined a request for comment from the AP. Team president Mark Donovan recently said all options are on the table for a new venue to replace Arrowhead Stadium.

9 responses to “Kansas wants to use sports betting to attract Chiefs from Missouri

  1. What river? The Blue River? Because the Missouri is north of the stadium and where it would likely end up downtown.

  2. Then the Chiefs could represent the surrounding states of Nebraska, Oklahoma, Iowa, Mizzou.
    They could call themselves the Midwestern Chiefs.

  3. As long as they stay in the Kansa City area I could care less if it’s Kansas or Missouri. The Chiefs belong to Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, & Arkansas.

  4. Pro sports and gambling jumping into bed with state governments. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

  5. More evidence of how the normalizing of gambling, and greed in general, will ruin everything.

  6. The KC metro area could build a new stadium anywhere and the fans would attend. A large majority of the fans are on the Kansas side anyway so it doesn’t matter which side of the state line the stadium is. The biggest point is who is picking up the bill for the construction. KS and MO have done bi state taxes before for things in KC, that makes the most sense to make sure fans on both sides of the state line are paying the bill.

  7. Does Arrowhead need another round of upgrades? Yes. But it’s still a good stadium. In a perfect football world the Royals would build a stadium downtown and the Chiefs would use the Royals empty space and build a brand new stadium. But it’s nice to have both teams/stadiums next to one another…

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