Lions trade up, take Jameson Williams at No. 12

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The Lions gave up a lot to draft Alabama wide receiver Jameson Williams.

Williams went to Detroit with the 12th overall pick in the 2022 NFL draft, and to get him the Lions traded up with the Vikings, sending Pick 32, Pick 34 and Pick 66 to Minnesota in exchange for Pick 12 and Pick 46.

It’s a major move for the Lions, who wanted to get a big-time playmaker. Williams is that when healthy, but he suffered a torn ACL in the college football national championship game, so it’s unclear when or if he’ll play as a rookie.

The Lions had indicated they wanted to draft players who could contribute right away, but Williams is more likely a long-term prospect who will contribute only when he’s totally healthy.

41 responses to “Lions trade up, take Jameson Williams at No. 12

  1. Aggressive! This offense actually might scare people now. Their defense scares me still!

  2. Coaching staff must feel pretty secure. It doesn’t look like they’ll be much better this season.

  3. Wait what??? They didn’t give up a lot. The Vikings dropped back 20 spots in first round to gain 12 in the 2nd and pick up a 3rd round pick????!!! What am I missing here?

  4. How do you move back 20 spots in the first round to move up 12 spots in the second round and all you get is a third round pick for it?

    According to the trade value chart, the Vikings gave up 1,640 points and the Lions gave up 1,410 points. Even if it were just 12 for 32 and 34, the Lions come out ahead by 50 points.

    And Jameson Williams will be torching the Vikings twice a year for the next 10 years.

  5. I don’t like this call by Detroit at all. Too much draft capital for an injured player. Typical Lions. Ugh

  6. At first glance, that seems a bit crazy to me. To give all that draft capital to a division rival to get an injured receiver – I don’t see the urgency. They could have cleaned up with trading that 32nd pick, or taken a shot at a QB and had the 5th year option.

    This feels like a really premature swing for the fences. I think they should focus on shoring up their lines and finding their next QB. It’s a head-scratcher to me.

  7. Like the thought that they got 46 in return, perhaps a place to find a good safety

  8. 3 straight Buckeye or former Buckeye receivers…..and the best one is still in Columbus

  9. Vikings were fleeced. You’d think Spielman was still on the Vikings, trying to help out his brother in Detroit.

  10. The Lions have to take chances like this to get the franchise turned around. Williams would have been a top 5 pick if he hadn’t hurt his knee.

  11. No no no whyyyyyyyyyy did we do this???!!?? Trade a ton for a guy who just tore his ACL and it’s a position of depth in this draft. Ahhhhhhh just want to stick my head in a bucket of ice wtf?!?!?

  12. Williams is closer than your research would suggest. He’s also an exceptional WR talent.

  13. Crappy trade for MN. If MN offered those two picks to move up to 13, no one would take it!

  14. For a moment it looked like the Lions made a bold move to secure their qb of the future. Now it looks like they spent a lot of capital on an asset for their qb of the future, Jared Goff. They must really like Goff. If they are wrong about Goff, Holmes and Goff will be gone in 2 years.

  15. Hopefully he heals up well, he doesn’t need to be Calvin Johnson but that was alot to give up for a guy with question marks. Hope this pans out,

  16. Williams is the best receiver in the draft, Lions also get a 2nd rd pick in return. I’m just glad they didn’t take Malik Willis, def thought that jump up indicated it

  17. NFCN teams will take every WR on the board, just to keep the Packers from getting any. That’s how afraid the Lions, Vikings, and Bears are of the Packers…….and rightly so.

  18. Vikings go from 12th to 32nd and all they got was a swap of 2nd round picks and miss out on Davis or Hamilton, I thought they fired Spielman. What bunch of idiots, it’s the Vikings what can you say.

  19. packerfan says:
    April 28, 2022 at 9:40 pm
    Vikings were fleeced. You’d think Spielman was still on the Vikings, trying to help out his brother in Detroit.
    Says fan of team who has zero number 1 WRs for A A Ron to throw to. Talk about being fleeced…..haha Rodgers ate up everything to get a good Number 1 like Deebo….hahaha

  20. Funny how both Vikings and Lions fans are complaining about this trade.

    I wonder if the idea is for the Vikings to get a haul from a team that wants to trade into the first round for a QB? Perhaps a first-round pick in next year’s draft? Is Kwesi playing 3D chess while the rest of us are playing Candyland?

  21. Does the trade value chart absolutely irrevocably hold true every year? Or is it possible that in some years the trade value chart is bunch of baloney, and that a smart GM might toss it in the circular file?

  22. ACL tears aren’t as awful as they used to be. Recovery can take a while, but they’re no longer a career ender. He should be able to play this season.

    This will help them stretch the field. Solid O-line. Decent RBs. Goff won’t have any excuses. This will be interesting.

  23. most important fact here is with the recent receiver contracts it may be a good idea to get a good one and have the 5th year option

  24. bmarch911 says:
    April 28, 2022 at 9:56 pm

    He didn’t seem too happy about going to Detroit..


    And why should he? It’s always strange to me when a team clearly not ready to make the most of a skill-position player picks them anyway. Williams knows his career prospects just took a big hit.

    It would be one thing if Detroit was lined up to make a splash at QB. But they just traded away the picks that would have allowed them to do that. So Williams will likely spend most of his rookie contract in the wilderness.

  25. Ya, that’s the way to do it. Trade down to the 32nd spot like we won the Super Bowl last year. How did we not get 4 picks for giving up 2 in that deal that included a 12? First time under the lights and we froze. This, plus all the 49er castoffs we are signing. Someone is going to have to explain all the data that is behind these decisions. Ugh.

  26. All the good CBs and edge guys were gone, the quality of picks 15-32 isn’t as good, the depth in the 2nd and 3rd rounds is good, so I’ve got no beef with this move by the Vikes. This WR for Detroit will be good once he heals up – makes sense for them too. Both moves are better than taking a 2nd rd quality LB from GA in the 1st rd.

  27. He failed on Wall Street.
    He failed in San Francisco.
    He failed in Cleveland.
    He failed his first draft as GM.

    Vikings will miss the playoffs this season. Next draft will be another comedy of errors by a phony GM. 2024 someone will wake Ziggy and he’ll realize his team is doomed.

    2025 Wash, Rinse, Repeat. SKOL? More like SCRAP!

  28. Lions might as well take another injured player at 46 , Ojabo. If both players get healthy it’ll be a grand slam draft.

  29. If you think the Lions made a bad decision, let’s look at the trade in a different way:

    The Lions swapped their first round and second round picks with the Vikings. The Lions moved up 20 spots in the first round swap and they moved down 12 spots in the second round swap. Just to be clear, moving up is good, moving down is bad.

    The only pick that the Lions traded, without a swap in picks, was a 3rd round pick (the first of two that they had in the 3rd round, they still have a 3rd round pick).

    To summarize, the Lions moved down 12 spots in the 2nd Round and traded a 3rd Round pick in exchange for the best Wide Receiver (Jameson Williams) in the draft.

    If anyone got fleeced, it was the Vikings (which I think it’s quite clear that they did).

  30. Draft chart says this is an even swap, but conventional wisdom says whichever team ends up with the best player(s) when the dust settles wins. Only time will tell who made the best deal here.

  31. All these people saying it was a dumb move… To move up 20 spots and essentially give up a 3rd pick. That’s what u call a fleece!! Not only that he’s the best receiver in this draft!! Some teams were giving up more to move a couple spots. Or look at what Atl gave up to get Julio yrs ago.

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