Malik Willis’s college coach says Panthers, Steelers and Seahawks showed most interest

Old Dominion v Liberty
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Liberty quarterback Malik Willis may be the best quarterback in the 2022 NFL draft, but unlike previous years, there’s no talk of a quarterback going first overall.

In fact, Liberty coach Hugh Freeze said on NFL Network this morning that he has no idea where Willis will go.

“I usually have an idea, but I have no clue on what’s really going to happen tonight,” Freeze said.

Freeze did say that the Panthers, Steelers and Seahawks have all contacted him and shown interest in Willis, and he also said he sensed the Lions’ coaches liked Willis a lot at the Senior Bowl. And Freeze said he thinks Willis will be ready to start in Week One but also willing to sit and develop if that’s what the team that drafts him wants.

“I don’t think that’s a question in my mind,” Freeze said when asked if Willis can start as a rookie. “I also believe he can handle being the backup if that’s what’s best for that organization. That’s what’s best about him, he can help the team in either spot.”

Willis is likely to hear his name called tonight, but Freeze has no clue which team will pick him.

14 responses to “Malik Willis’s college coach says Panthers, Steelers and Seahawks showed most interest

  1. This draft class for QBs is horrendous…some dope organization will surely trade up to get an inaccurate QB like Willis who didn’t throw a pass against a power 5 school

  2. ‘Cause if you can run the offense at Liberty, you should be able to step right into any offense in the NFL–said nobody ever.

  3. Playing for Liberty University should be an automatic scratch off any team’s draft board.

  4. Since his time at Auburn, he has publicly admitted his immaturity and his mistake(s).
    That said, how do you know he hasn’t corrected and changed his Auburn behaviour.
    As for his inaccuracy and not playing against a power 5 school, valid points. I guess, a minimum of time and experience will will answer those questions.
    As for running the offense at Liberty, coach Freeze simply said he feels Willis could start as a NFL rookie, nothing more.
    He didn’t say he won’t face problems, won’t struggle, etc.

  5. Willis looks a lot like a young Russell Wilson, I’m not surprised to see Seattle on this list. But I’m convinced that the Panthers are going to take him at #6 if he is there. All the talk about Carolina trading down some spots and acquiring a veteran QB like Baker Mayfield is just a smokescreen IMHO. I guess we’ll find out tonight.

  6. If he had any talent, the general story strong arm but no accuracy, he would be playing at a much better school, Liberty is like a JV team for a bad AAC team. And Freeze isn’t exactly a very truthful person. Never ever trust what any coach/GM/Owner is saying on draft day.

  7. Steelers are my team but none of these qb’s are worth a 1st rd pick and if they were you’d have more teams interested in them then the steelers,panthers,and seahawks.If you look you know other teams like the texans,saints,falcons,giants,lions and even vikings would be looking but if these qbs were as talented as the qbs in the previous draft classes they would be an upgrade compared to what these teams have as starters now. In the steelers case they should compare how they have these guys rated compared to how Trisbisky was rated when he was drafted the results is none of them measure up so we shouldn’t draft 1 of them in the first rd out of desperation just because Colbert wants to retire and say he found ben’s replacement before he retired or because Tomlin is like a deer caught in headlights when he sees Willis run and scramble. The. Kids passing skills are weaker the Lamar Jacksons coming out of Louisville but at least with LJ he faced alot better competition.

  8. So all the teams that need to draft a quarterback were the ones showing the most interest? Brilliant!

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