Someone should trade for Baker Mayfield, ASAP

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Quarterback-needy teams will be considering using a first-round pick to acquire one tonight. Why not consider using a lesser pick to acquire a guy who has proven that he can do it?

Make no mistake about it. Even though the Browns decide to move on, Mayfield has had two solid years with a team that has been mired in dysfunction for most of two decades. In 2018, amid the mess that was the last year of Hue Jackson, who was fired during the season, Mayfield was solid. In 2019, he regressed under a head coach who, frankly, never should have been the head coach.

In 2020, Mayfield was spectacular. He led the team to the final eight, and they gave the Chiefs a run for their money. In Week One of 2021, Mayfield once again put the Fear of Dawg into the Chiefs. Then came a shoulder injury that marred the rest of his final season in Cleveland.

Mayfield can play. Why not go with the proven commodity? At only $18.8 million for 2022 — a great deal for a starting quarterback, given the current market — it’s a steal.

The Browns are surely hoping that someone will see it that way. Indeed, by using a first-round pick on a quarterback, that team is basically trading a first-round pick for a quarterback who is completely unproven. Why not trade something far less than that for a quarterback who has shown he can do it?

Teams to watch are the Panthers, Falcons, Seahawks, and (I’m not ready to stop now) the Lions. In the end, whoever trades for Mayfield could be getting the true steal of the draft.

32 responses to “Someone should trade for Baker Mayfield, ASAP

  1. Probably because he hasn’t proven he can do it. The Cleveland roster legit was top five in the league for a couple of years there, and they only won when they hid him more than they relied on him in 2020.

  2. Agree. Never been much of a Baker fan but he is better than any QB in this years draft

  3. …and it is very possible a wide receiver can intentionally make a QB look bad..

  4. or draft OL and wait for him to be released
    the better your OL is the more likely he will want to play for you

  5. The Browns aren’t going to keep him on the roster. Just wait until they release him.

    Plus, you only get one year of a team friendly deal. If he blows up, they you will have to sign him to a huge contract versus getting a rookie contract for 4/5 years.

  6. Like him or not, he lead the Browns to their 1st playoff win in decades… Injured much of the time… He is proven in this league and surely far superior to the qbs in the draft tonight!….

  7. You are of course right. I wonder why the other NFL teams act like Baker has no talent. Marcus Mariota as well. So they had some bad games in bad systems with bad coaches bad at playcalling, with bad GMs picking and signing poor talent around them. Playcalling is so important to success! Does anyone remember Mariota absolutely lighting it up in his first start? Baker can still sling it, and is accurate too. He just needs the right coach, system and playcalling, like any other young QB. Even Brady the GOAT can’t win it all with bad playcalling, bad talent, and an offensive playbook that doesn’t fit his strengths.

  8. Falcons would be a logical spot. I think he would thrive in the NFC South. Salary is still manageable. If they can get an extension for $25-30 per year, they should jump. In another year, when Brady bails, that division is wide open.

  9. Carolina has the cap space, but they don’t have much 2022 draft capital after the 1st round pick. Atlanta has no cap space so I’m not convinced they are a player. Seattle would need to make the cap space but probably could. The Lions have the cap space and the draft capital to do it, and I’m thinking it won’t take a ton to get the deal done. The question becomes, does he give them more than Goff? And, do they like one of the 2022 QB’s enough to develop that QB in 2022 with an eye on 2023? Nobody wants to paint themselves into a corner early in the draft. A trade like this likely won’t happen until the top 3-4 QB’s are off the board, or Cleveland offers trade terms that are too good to pass up. I have Detroit trading up to #21 with New England to take Matt Corral. In exchange, NE and Detroit swap position on 2nd round picks which is 10 points within even. NE then takes a safety and a WR or DL with #32 and #34. Some combo of Dax Hill/Lewis Cine/George Pickens/DeMarvin Leal. Maybe Quay Walker. NE likes to double dip at Big 5 power schools like Alabama, Oklahoma, Michigan etc. This year it could be Georgia.

  10. 3rd round pick, maybe?

    $19 million a year is a lot to pay for Mayfailed. You are doing the Browns a favor taking that contract off their hands.

  11. If he had good coach in a good organization and a much smaller head yea he could be really good

  12. The Browns should give a second or third round pick to any team that’s willing to take Baker and his 2022 cap hit

  13. He is being traded tonight, NFL Network is setting the stage for it. Here’s what you get with Mayfield, you have to surround him with a ton of talent, and he will beat the bad teams, but he will never beat the good teams at better than 30% of the time. Good luck with that LOL

  14. This is the problem with NFL talent scouting and evaluation. You blow smoke up where sun doesn’t shine by thinking Baker will play at the same level or better with any new team. He’s a “proven” commodity? Yeah, for the Browns. He hasn’t “proven” how he’ll play on any of the other teams. Team culture/system and how the player fits into that is almost as important as the player’s actual talent and skill on the field. You can’t just plug Baker in anywhere and say “he’s proven”. It just doesn’t work that way. Because if it did work that way every good college player would be a good NFL player and every newly signed free agent would play up to expectations on their new team. It just doesn’t work that way.

  15. If Mayfield is seen as NFL backup, he’s grossly overpaid at $18,000,000 and to that Cleveland has no leverage…might be lucky to get a late pick. More like he eats up a rose spot and cap space before being released next season.

  16. Happy we upgraded, but I was always a Baker fan. No reason for him to get the hate he does.

  17. The Browns are terrified to trade Mayfield. Haslam power played the deal for Watson, but Berry will take the heat when Mayfield and his new team are better than Watson and the Browns. Berry knows he’s about to get embarrassed and thus is hesitating.

  18. dl72fan says:
    April 28, 2022 at 8:23 pm
    Happy we upgraded, but I was always a Baker fan. No reason for him to get the hate he does.

    I second that emotion! Hope he goes to a non-AFC North team and is successful.

  19. I think the summary of Mayfield’s career in the article is spot-on. The Browns have been a mess since ’99, largely due to awful ownership (which has been worse under Haslam).

    There’s this interesting thing people who don’t like Mayfield do – they give him no credit for how he played in 2020, but all the blame for 2021, when everyone knew he was badly injured. But, you can’t have it both ways. If the team was carrying him in 2020, then why didn’t the team carry him in 2021?

    Baker can be abrasive and petulant, for sure, but I’m a fan and I hope he finds success elsewhere. The Browns have been awful to him, and holding him on the roster is, IMO just them “punishing” him for…what?…sacrificing his body for the team?

    The Browns look extremely inept in all of this. As expected.

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