The Commissioner gets booed at the draft, again

2022 NFL Draft - Round 1
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What happened in Las Vegas didn’t stay there.

At the outset of the first ever NFL draft in the gambling capital of the world, the hell-hath-frozen-over event started like every other draft does. The fans in attendance lustily booed Commission Roger Goodell, to a worldwide audience.

It happens every year. It’s no longer a surprise. It has become part of the tradition.

As explained in Playmakers, it has to be something the league doesn’t like. But the Commissioner refuses to give up the one night per year that he gets the spotlight all to himself.

Like he has done in recent years, Goodell tried to use some human shields, in the form of current and former Raiders players. The obvious goal was to insulate him from the booing. It didn’t work.

He also heard it when he came out to announce the first overall pick and the second overall picks. It will subside as the night unfolds.

If anything the crowd should be happy with Goodell — but for his decision to take the draft on the road, this would be happening at Radio City Music Hall, again.

4 responses to “The Commissioner gets booed at the draft, again

  1. Those booing him would be the first ones to run up to him and want to take a selfie!

  2. He helped Daniel Snyder sweep his mess under the rug. He deserves to be booed. If Snyder’s mess happened in any real company, people would be fired or resign.

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