Titans decide to draft a new receiver in lieu of paying the one they had

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Some in league circles believe that the constant glut of great receivers entering the draft makes it unwise to spend big money on a veteran receiver. The Tennessee Titans apparently fall into that category.

The Titans said farewell to receiver A.J. Brown after only three years, replacing him with Arkansas receiver Treylon Burks, acquired via the 18th pick in the 2022 draft.

If Burks booms, it’s a good move. He’ll be much cheaper than Brown will be for the Eagles, after signing a four-year, $100 million extension. But if Burks busts, what did the Titans gain? Nothing at all.

It worked for the Vikings in 2020, who replaced Stefon Diggs with Justin Jefferson. The Titans need to hope they got the right guy after giving up Brown.

The trade also shows how different a team can become after only one year. In June, Brown lobbied aggressively for the Titans to trade for Julio Jones. Now, both players are gone.

It also sends a message to Burks. If he plays really well, he’ll potentially be traded in lieu of being paid. Like Brown was.

7 responses to “Titans decide to draft a new receiver in lieu of paying the one they had

  1. see the contracts they are handing out to WR’s … maybe getting a good one and holding the 5th year option will be the new norm

  2. The Titans really need to draft a QB, that playoff debacle by Turnoverhill was a disaster!

  3. AJ. Brown was becoming a headache. Couldn’t stay off Twitter. Wanted a huge contract. Has bad knees and couldn’t stay on the field. He was showing all the characteristics of a guy you don’t give $100m to. If you could get just his production on the field without the rest, sure. But it wasn’t going that way. I have a feeling he was even more disruptive behind the scenes.

  4. And AJ is laughing all the way to the bank, $100Mil for 4yrs! Yet all the Titans came away with is the MAY HAVE gotten AJ’s replacement but they’ll have to wait a year or 3 to know for sure, one of those the “grass is greener on the other side” trades, totally foolish!

  5. IDK, seems everyone knows the facts. I just hope Burks is the real deal. Only time will tell. Not trolls.

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