Aaron Rodgers: Davante Adams trade “a little surprising,” leaves big hole

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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers took his time this offseason before committing to continuing his career in Green Bay and most people thought his return would mean wide receiver Davante Adams would be back with the team as well.

The Packers franchise-tagged Adams, but then traded him to the Raiders when they weren’t able to come to an agreement on a new deal. During a Thursday night appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers admitted that it was “a little surprising” because he thought the wideout would remain with the team “based on the number that we offered Davante and being able to play with me for a few more years.”

“Obviously, when I made my decision I was still thinking he was going to come back,” Rodgers said. “I was very honest with him about my plans and my future and where I saw my career going, as far as how many years I want to play. But I felt like he was going to be back. Didn’t obviously turn out that way, but I have so much love for ‘Tae and appreciate the time we spent together and definitely wish him the best in Derek [Carr] in Vegas. But that’s a big hole to fill, for sure.”

The Packers did not fill that hole with either of their first-round picks as they took linebacker Quay Walker and defensive tackle Devonte Wyatt. Six wideouts came off the board before the Packers picked and that may have accounted for all the receivers with first-round grades on their board. Rodgers noted the team has had “a lot of success with second- and third-round receivers” in the past and they have a pair of picks in the second round that could go toward helping to fill that hole.

26 responses to “Aaron Rodgers: Davante Adams trade “a little surprising,” leaves big hole

  1. The reasons the Packers have had success with receivers in Rd2 and Rd3 are Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre.

    Isn’t that what KC and GB are banking on here…that their star QBs can make okay guys great, and they don’t need to spend on Davante or Tyreek Hill?

  2. Yeah a big hole in the Raiders draft value. Rodgers makes WRs better than they are, he will be fine. The Raiders are a dumpster fire!

  3. I liked Aaron saying “based on the number that we offered Davante and being able to play with me for a few more years.”
    So he is part now of the people that signs the checks 🙂

  4. A little surprising? Have you also been immunized against simple math?

    There’s a salary cap. You held the proverbial financial gun to the Packers heads and got paid bigly. Hence there wasn’t enough to pay Adams bigly.

    It’s stunning how many players can’t figure this out.

  5. Davante Adams was a second round pick. Donald Driver, the Packers all-time leading receiver in receptions and receiving yards, was a seventh — from Alcorn State. So … trust your scouts.

  6. That’s interesting, because it contradicts earlier reporting that Rodgers knew Adams was on his way out when he signed the extension.

  7. It’s not surprising as you didn’t take less money Aaron. The quarterbacks who win super bowls are usually in low contracts/rookie deal and take paycuts

  8. Not looking forward to this drama queen’s theatrics over the next few months, but he’s not wrong about the failure of the Packers here.
    Gutekunst was asleep at the wheel as the wide receiver trend began and AJ Brown was traded. The most pressing need the team had, and he failed to get any of the players who would have been most likely ready to start in September. Just a turrible job by the organization.

  9. Maybe DaVante Adams had better plans past 2022. Or he had enough of not knowing when Rodgers was calling it quits at any moment.

  10. Well Aaron, had you left a little on the table for him he may have stayed.
    “based on the number that we offered Davante and being able to play with me for a few more years.” I also didn’t realize you were the GM now. Guess that’s why you needed such a large bump in pay.

  11. GM Gutekunst never seems to want to help AARodge. Which is awesome, because he’s a vindictive drama-queen. Let the angst rain down in PackerLand.

  12. Well he confirmed one thing I suspected all along during his mystery tour: he was always planning on playing and Adams knew the plan but was sworn to secrecy. rodgers used his mystery tour to milk the Packers for all they were worth. Thus they pass on first round receivers because now, like edge rushers, cost to much.

  13. It seems Rodgers best friend Adams wanted to play more with his best friend Derrick Carr in Las Vegas.Rodgers seems to have trouble holding onto people that were close to him including women,he is a complicated fellow.Rodgers will have to rely on and trust all his recievers now that Adams is gone and that will be a great thing for his team.

  14. Those 2nd/3rd round WR’s for the Packers always took 2-3 years to develop in the Packers system and emerge as bonafide starters. There has always been a true veteran #1 WR to hold down the fort while the next guy developed in GB. Driver into Jennings into Jordy into Davante. Now that line has been broken and a QB who has zero patience for mistakes from his WR’s will be tasked with developing a high profile rookie WR or two.

  15. Poor arrogant Aaron. Devonte chose to play with someone other than you? Talk about your “beautiful mysteries!”

  16. LaFleur is going to take a page out of his mentors playbook and unleash that running game.

    You’re going to want Jones and Dillon on your fantasy team this year.

  17. The “play with me” thing is Rodgers massive ego exposed for all to see. Last time I checked it’s “play together”. Rodgers took too much cash and squished out his star receiver. Fact. Welcome to the Raiders!

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