Aaron Rodgers: Does San Francisco want to trade Deebo Samuel to us?

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The Packers had two choices in the first round, but they did not come out of Thursday night with a receiver.

Green Bay used the 22nd overall choice on Georgia linebacker Quay Walker and the 28th choice on Georgia defensive tackle Devonte Wyatt. It left everyone wondering what Aaron Rodgers was thinking after Allen Lazard, Sammy Watkins, Randall Cobb and Amari Rodgers were left atop the team’s depth chart after one day of the draft.

Rodgers answered that with an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show on Thursday night.

He said he was kept in the loop all night, so the Packers’ selections did not take him by surprise.

“I believe it was six receivers they had first-round grades on, and when they were gone, I think it was pretty obvious they wanted to shore up those two spots,” Rodgers said.

USC’s Drake London (No. 8, Falcons), Ohio State’s Garrett Wilson (10, Jets), Ohio State’s Chris Olave (11, Saints), Alabama’s Jameson Williams (12, Lions), Penn State’s Jahan Dotson (16, Commanders) and Arkansas’ Treylon Burks (18, Titans) all went before the Packers drafted. Two veteran receivers — A.J. Brown and Marquise Brown — also found new homes in trades Thursday night.

So who do the Packers get now?

“I think we’ve been in the mix with some of these guys. That’s what it seems like,” Rodgers said on The Pat McAfee Show. “Now, there’s not a lot of teams that probably want to trade receivers to Green Bay. I think we’re probably at the back of the line for a lot of these teams as far as our picks are usually late and nobody wants to trade in the (conference), a guy like Deebo (Samuel) probably. But at the same time, I think if you’re not going to pay Davante — obviously we traded him; he wanted to move on — but going out and paying another guy I don’t know if that makes a ton of sense. Now there are some veteran guys out there that I think could be possibilities, and also we have two picks in the second round tomorrow, and I’m sure there are some guys on the board that they probably like. Yeah, I feel like we’ve been in the mix, but does San Fran want to trade Deebo Samuel to us? Probably not.”

23 responses to “Aaron Rodgers: Does San Francisco want to trade Deebo Samuel to us?

  1. The question is why is Rogers doing radio shows and not in the Packers draft room?

  2. Not going to happen Aarron…last I checked the Packers and 49ers are in the same conference ….tell me you do realize that?

  3. Yep, all the first-round receivers were gone so what are you going to do? Well, New Orleans and Detroit traded up to get a first-round receiver. A.J. Brown was available and went to Philadelphia for less than what Adams got. Marquis Brown was available and went to Arizona. But I guess Gutey isn’t imaginative enough to go get a guy who can make a real impact.

  4. Clara was delusional in thinking they could get a first round pick (and then some)for Deebo. That will be an interesting locker room next year if they can’t move this guy. Lynch/Shanahan are playing checkers when everybody else are playing chess.

  5. Tonight’s draft had a run on WR’s early and the value wasn’t there when it came time for the Pack’s picks. Gutey made a good move to shore up our D to give Clark help on the D line and and add an ILB as well. The D should be a strength now without having to worry about Mostert running for 285 yards up the middle a few years ago. I think Gutey saw what SF and Tampa have been on D with strong D lines and ILB’s.
    We also need a strong running game when we have Packer weather. It gets difficult to pass when the weather turns bad. Tomorrow they can worry about wideouts, OL, TE, S and perhaps Special Team players on Day 3?

  6. Packers continue their long history of being aggressive in FA & the draft.. wait no. That’s right, they’ll just count on their QB to carry the other lackluster acquisitions into the playoffs again. Just to find out, once again, they didn’t surround their team with enough talent to do anything.

  7. Packers haven’t taken a WR in the 1st since Javon Walker and it has worked out pretty good. What round was Deebo taken in again? How about Adams or Kupp?

  8. They did want to pay Devante. He didn’t want to play with you anymore. Don’t make it seem about money. He just wanted to play with Derek Carr more than you. Get over it.

  9. It was a pretty solid start to this draft for GB, if you ask me. There wasn’t a single receiver worth drafting anywhere close to the 1st round and we selected two solid, versatile playmakers. I think Gute has done superbly at selecting 1st round talents. (Jordan Love pick aside)

  10. I’m not sure which front office is more incompetent, GB or the Vikings. The Pack burning their first pick on a position of extremely low value or the Vikings getting fleeced by the Lions and then spending their first pick on a position of low relative value.

    Nobody seems to want to win this division.

  11. Aaron has his seat at the table. Packers draft looks good so far. Defense wins games, too.

  12. It’s funny because the Packers only selected Rodgers because all the players they were after had already gone, that’s on record from Andrew Brandt a member of the front office at the time.

  13. Looks like the jayvee WR squad for Packers, unless they get one of the #2 guys left in the draft.

  14. “I believe it was six receivers they had first-round grades on, and when they were gone, I think it was pretty obvious they wanted to shore up those two spots,” Rodgers said.

    Typical Green Bay.

  15. Some should tell Rodgers they will trade Deebo to anyone who will pay their price. Packers have nothing to give in return. No deal.

  16. No Aaron here is the real truth please sit down. You screwed the team playing your mystery tour until the end knowing fully well you were coming back to pad your numbers for the HOF. The packers couldnt afford Adams because you would not take a home town discount so they are not going to get you any help. Your stuck with the losers you have: Cobb is an old man always hurt and of no use after game 2. Rodgers is too stupid to run crossing routes and caught two passes last year – 3rd round wonder. Lazard put on weight last year, lost a step and is easily covered now, your te’s are guys no one ever heard of even the coaches on your team. No the packers are going to screw you into the ground.

  17. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    April 29, 2022 at 12:16 am
    Not going to happen Aarron…last I checked the Packers and 49ers are in the same conference ….tell me you do realize that?

    Very obviously why he said “probably not” about the possibility of that trade happening

  18. Funny how you have a QB that’s top 3 in the league! Yet the receivers that he has to work with are bottom of the barrel! They say all the 1s were off the board by the time the Packers picked? They moved up in the 1st to grab Love right? Then why not move up to grab a receiver? You had 2 1s and 2 seconds rounders available to move up a handful of spots and failed badly to fill the most pressing need!

  19. I saw Rodgers last night on a podcast smirking up a storm and lobing the attention.

    Sorry, Packers fans…He’s using you.

  20. The best ROI is always in rounds 3-5, not 1. OK boss, so Watson is a bust? The Vikings knew that the 3 stooges wanted Watson but also know something about him that GB doesn’t know and were glad to let him go. Vikes 1, Packers 0

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