After picking Ickey Ekwonu, Panthers will look at “every opportunity” for QB

NFL: OCT 10 Eagles at Panthers
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The Panthers haven’t been shy about their plan to add a quarterback to the roster before the 2022 season and some thought that they might use the sixth overall pick in the draft to make that happen.

When it came time to make that selection on Thursday night, a quarterback’s name wasn’t on the card handed in to the league. It was tackle Ickey Ekwonu, who filled another major need for the NFC South team but the Panthers will now have to wait until No. 137 to make another selection.

That would seem to make a trade for a veteran quarterback like Baker Mayfield a more likely path for the Panthers to take, but General Manager Scott Fitterer wasn’t conceding that point on Thursday night.

“I think we’ll look at every opportunity out there. There are still some really good players in this draft and we’ll also look at every opportunity outside the organization,” Fitterer said in a press conference.

Fitterer said the team would look for ways to move into the second day of the draft, but it would seem more prudent to use any trade capital for a player with a track record than a stab in the dark at a quarterback who wasn’t deemed worthy of a first-round selection this year.

6 responses to “After picking Ickey Ekwonu, Panthers will look at “every opportunity” for QB

  1. The Panthers got what they paid for when they used a lot of draft capital on a “bust” like Sam Darnold? You get what you pay for. Good luck with that Panthers as you will need it.

  2. How about … Build up the team and draft a QB in 2023?

    When there will be better Qbs available?

  3. Ickey was a good pick, otherwise I believe he will get Baker in a late-rounder trade.

  4. The Browns should send a pick and Baker to any team willing to take his contract off of Cleveland’s books

  5. The browns should pay Baker’s 18M, send him to Carolina and pick up/ buy a second or third round pick.

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