Bears make Kyler Gordon their first pick of 2022

2022 NFL Draft - Red Carpet
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The Bears didn’t have a pick in the first round on Thursday night because of the move they made to land quarterback Justin Fields in last year’s draft, so they had to wait until Friday night to make their first selection of the year.

That pick was No. 39 and Chicago used it to select cornerback Kyler Gordon. He’s the sixth cornerback off the board so far this year and played in the same secondary as 21st overall pick Trent McDuffie at Washington.

Gordon was one of four players invited to the draft who came to Las Vegas and did not get selected during the first round. He had 46 tackles and two interceptions in his final season with the Huskies.

The Bears have the 48th pick as the result of the Khalil Mack trade, so they’ll have a shorter wait for their second pick.

6 responses to “Bears make Kyler Gordon their first pick of 2022

  1. I can’t hate picking a good value CB for my Bears. CB is a huuuuuge need. But pleeaaaaassseee get Fields some help the rest of the draft. Pretty please?

  2. Solid pick. The Bears weren’t able to cover Virginia McCaskey on a slant route last year.

  3. Dude must think he’s Rick James!

    She’s a very kinky girl
    The kind you don’t take home to mother
    She will never let your spirits down
    Once you get her off the street (oh, girl)

  4. Worse pick ever, I understand he’s a solid player and we have a need at that position, but fields needs help up front. It will be another year with a decent defense and a crappy offense. Why do they worry about defense so much, it would be nice to have a good offense for once. So tired of this team

  5. Stopping the other team from scoring has always been the Bears first priority. If you don’t know the Bears have ALWAYS been a defensive team first, than you’re straight full of it.

  6. Pretty simple, really:

    1) Gordon. The Bears CB2 and 3 positions were straight garbage last year. This kid was BPA at a position of need even if on defense.

    2) Brisker. A strong safety in the Afrian Amos mode. For whatever reason the Bears FO and coaches think Eddie Jackson can be salvaged and they’re gambling this will do it.

    3) Jones. A guy that can buy them yards in field position as a returner and turn short passes into bigger gains after the catch. I.e. reducing the pressure on Fields to drop back and complete deep passes which he has shown he has a lot of trouble doing.

    Poles’ plan for Fields in 2022 is gonna be to make him a game manager on a defense and run-oriented team. If he shows he can handle that, they’ll open up the offense as the saeason goes along and if he takes to that, they’ll get him some nicer toys to play with before the ’23 season. If he flops, they’ll have a Top 10 or possibly Top 5 pick in a strong QB draft and they can move on.

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