Brandon Beane: Kaiir Elam was last first-round grade on our board

NFL: APR 28 2022 Draft
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The Bills were involved in one of the trades during the first round of the draft on Thursday night and General Manager Brandon Beane had a pretty simple explanation for why they sent a fourth-round pick to the Ravens in order to move up two spots in the order.

Cornerback Kaiir Elam was the pick at No. 23 and Beane told reporters at a press conference that he “probably would have just waited and see what happens” if cornerback wasn’t such a serious need. He said Elam was the last player left with a first-round grade and didn’t want to see him wind up in another uniform.

“We had a good grade on Kaiir and we were down to one player in the first round on our board,” Beane said, via Matt Parrino of “At that point it just made sense. Not sure what those teams would have taken but there was a lot of trade action going on too. . . . I was worried more about someone else trading in in front of us knowing that a lot of people had us pegged for potentially as a corner.”

The Bills have built a formidable roster over the last few years, but Levi Wallace‘s departure and Tre'Davious White‘s torn ACL made cornerback an obvious spot to address early in the draft. They checked that box and that may let them go for the best player available for their remaining picks.

14 responses to “Brandon Beane: Kaiir Elam was last first-round grade on our board

  1. Position of need and good value for the player at that spot. Bills fans trust in BB with any pick at this point with the roster he’s built…

  2. Elam is a physical specimen at CB. 6’2” long and strong, can jam anyone at the line.

    He’s got some issues that can be coached out of him which is why he hasn’t gone higher; he grabs a lot and some issues tackling.

    Give him a year with Frazier and McDermott alongside Tre’White who is one of the smartest CBs in the game….

    Not too mention Poyer and Hyde are two of the very best tackling DB’s.

    The ceiling is sky high with Elam but he has some rawness and needs some coaching…. just like that QB Josh Allen did.

  3. Good pick, probably didn’t need to trade up but if they really liked him then its worth it. The Bills have a deep roster so i doubt 7 draft picks would make the team anyway.

  4. To the other 3 AFC East teams, a 4th rounder is probably a day one starter. On the Buffalo Bills, a 4th rounder probably won’t make the team.

  5. He has all of the physical skills, and a great coaching staff to turn him into a star. And man did they need some speed in the secondary.

    Loved his reaction. Players didn’t seem as stoked to be picked by the Bills a few years ago…

  6. I like Elam a lot, but they seriously didn’t have more than 23 guys with first-round grades?

  7. Makes you wonder, was Mcduffie the target and Elam the backup plan? And once KC traded ahead of Buffalo to snag Mcduffie (when everyone seemed to be expecting them to take a WR/DE there) did that force the Bills into having to trade up for Elam? If so, then dang it! Those darn Chiefs got us again!!!

  8. Sort of thing another guy with the initials B B should have been doing instead of drafting 3rd round calibre Guards.

  9. Ya … they had a first round grade on Greg Rousseau too …


    During Week 2 of the 2021 season, Rousseau was nominated for NFL Rookie of the Week honors with five tackles, two sacks, and two tackles made behind the line of scrimmage.[14] Rousseau recorded his first career interception on October 10, 2021 in a 38-20 Week 5 Sunday night win against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, earning AFC Defensive Player of the Week.[15][16]

    Ya, and he’s only 22

  10. Anyone publicly patting themselves on the back to justify another dumb trade up move in a non-trade up draft, especially for teams that need to get in-house talent due to cap hells raging, are clearly insecure.

    Elam was an early 2nd rd pick, not a player you trade up for.

    OSU and Florida prospects are always super risky.

    Rousseau and Tremaine Edmunds come to mind as recent overrated picks from Beane. When you’re a supposed SB contender that can’t get past the divisional rd of the playoffs because of bad defense, you got issues.

    We’ll see if Elam is any good or not really quick.

  11. Just once it would be fun to hear a GM say of a first rounder: “well, we had him as a second round value, but he fills a need and no one wanted to trade up for our pick”.

  12. Anyone who drafts Josh Allen with the 7th pick in 2018 despite all the noise, is the man in my book. He could have drafted Tony Mandarich last night and I’d still not question him.

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