Can Packers count on a day-two pick to become a No. 1 receiver?

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The Packers unexpectedly lost their No. 1 receiver via trade to the Raiders. It was, or at least should have been, regarded as an all-hands red-alert in Green Bay. Through free agency, however, they did nothing to get another No. 1 receiver.

Enter the draft. They had two first-round picks. They didn’t trade up to get one of the top receivers.

G.M. Brian Gutekunst downplayed the decision to not get a No. 1 receiver in the first round, pointing to the fact that the Packers have nine more picks and several more months until they play a game that counts. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has bought in to the all-is-well vibe, repeating a common mantra from Packers fans who think serenity now will indeed prevent insanity later.

“We’ve had a lot of success with second- and third-round receivers in Green Bay,” Rodgers told Pat McAfee last night. “You look at Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb. James Jones in the third round. Obviously, Davante Adams in the second round. Those guys turned out pretty good.”

Rodgers is right, but there’s a huge difference this time around. None of those guys were expected to walk through the door as the No. 1 wideout. Currently, the Packers don’t have one. They clearly need one. And whoever they get will have that extra pressure to become not just good but great. The legacy of Aaron Rodgers is, in many respects, riding on it.

We’ll see who ends up getting that opportunity tonight. There’s a chance, given the circumstances, it could be more curse than blessing.

12 responses to “Can Packers count on a day-two pick to become a No. 1 receiver?

  1. Most of those first round guys aren’t going to produce very much either. Look at the past couple of draftes and outside of a couple LSU guys most take a year or two to start being the guy. 2nd round guys in the 2020 draft are almost as good as the bunch that went in the 1st. What roudn was Deeboo and Kupp taken in again?

  2. Perhaps, but, they shouldn’t count on immediate contributions. I mean, if you look at great success stories like Deebo and Kupp… it wasn’t until year 3 before they became real contributors.

  3. It’s all good Rogers got his 50 mill a year Cap crippling salary…. He can’t be too upset….he, after all, was a direct contributor to his current situation…. Real team guy!!

  4. Barring a trade GB will have to sink or swim with the current WRs and slowly work any rookies into the mix. Actually having Rodgers use the entire field including the RBs in the passing game makes a better balanced offense instead of forcing the ball to Adams most of the time.

  5. Look at the 7 receivers taken in the first round in 2004. Other than Larry Fitzgerald, the other 6 were busts or so so.

  6. Look I hope they fail as much as any Viking fan, but they’ve got a good O-line, a HOF QB and a pretty good coach, so its likely even Gutekunst will have a hard time drafting a 2nd round WR that isn’t capable of performing under those circumstances.

  7. Davante Adams, Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson, and Greg Jennings were all picked on the second day of the draft so…. I’d say yes. Not to mention they have Amari Rodgers who still has potential.

  8. The Packers all-time leader in receptions and yardage is Donald Driver — a seventh round pick out of Alcorn State. So .. as between all the draft touts and the Packers scouting department, I’ll take the Packers scouts. A #1 will emerge.

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