Cole Strange: I’d have chip on my shoulder no matter where I was picked

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There weren’t a lot of mock drafts projecting guard Cole Strange as a first-round pick, but he only needed one team to feel otherwise to hear his name called on Thursday night and the Patriots turned out to be that team.

New England picked Strange at No. 29 after a trade down with the Chiefs and the move elicited surprised reactions from Rams head coach Sean McVay and many others who thought Strange would be around on Day 2. Strange was asked on a conference call about the perception that the Patriots reached to make him a first-round choice and whether that would be a source of motivation.

“To tell you the truth, I’ve kind of held this stance and this thought process from the very beginning,” Strange said. “No matter where I got drafted or where I got picked, I was going to push the exact same way with the same chip on my shoulder that I’ve always had. I know that this is just the beginning and whenever I get there, I’m going to have to put in a lot of work. And that’s just how I’ve always felt, really. No matter where I went.”

With Shaq Mason traded to Tampa and Ted Karras gone as a free agent, had a need on the interior of the line and addressed it by taking Strange. If he winds up being what they need up front, the debate about where he was drafted should be a short-lived one.

16 responses to “Cole Strange: I’d have chip on my shoulder no matter where I was picked

  1. Yes, let’s question Dante Scarnecchia and BB over 20 years and 2 dynasties and praise moron franchises.

    Makes perfect sense in our world.

  2. I’m actually liking this pic more & more…. Need a guy like that on O -Line protecting our Franchise QB & blocking for our RB’s….. MAJOR position of need… GREAT START!!!

  3. Hes a good player. Not gonna lie I didnt know who he was when he was drafted last night but that’s not because it’s a reach it’s because I didnt pay attention to guards in this draft since my team didnt need one

  4. There is no better place for a raw talented offensive lineman than New England. Good luck for the young man.

  5. Cole is a good player excellent combo blocker who gets to the second level in a flash. He’s a good athlete has a frame that can pack on more weight, he’s long has around an 6ft8 wing span hes a throw back real Pat’s fans are gonna love this kid.

  6. We will question the pick because he could have had him or an equivalent at 54 and gotten an impact player at 29

  7. No wonder BB traded down. The old coach knew this pick would be available at 29. Problem is, he’d also be available at 49. LOL. Right in character.

  8. I’m loving all the pats fans putting this guy in the hall of fame already. On the other hand, I’m also loving all the GMs calling him a bust. Why doesn’t everyone just wait til he actually plays a year or two.

  9. You can smell the fear all the way from western New York over every Patriots draft pick. It’s delicious.

  10. He may have a chip on his shoulder, but Belichick has a separated shoulder from that reach

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