Dolphins’ first choice of the 2022 draft is Channing Tindall

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Georgia. Georgia. Georgia.

The Dolphins finally made their first selection in the 2022 draft, and it was yet another Georgia player. Miami chose Georgia linebacker Channing Tindall with the 102nd overall choice.

He was the ninth Georgia player selected, including seven defensive players.

Tindall played in 50 college games but made no starts. He recorded 108 tackles, 16 tackles for loss and 12 sacks.

The Dolphins have two choices remaining, with pick No. 125 in the fourth round and seventh-round picks that are numbers 224 and 247 overall.

13 responses to “Dolphins’ first choice of the 2022 draft is Channing Tindall

  1. Not starting a game is a bit concerning but look at the production and it’s there. I’m sure he’ll come in and log some snaps on defense but he’ll mostly play special teams until he shows he’s ready. He could eventually challenge for a starting role but will most likely see his work on passing downs. I like the pick. Gotta have players that bring a lunch pail and just get to work. He’s a dawg in multiple ways.

  2. What a steal by Grier and the Miami Dolphins. Tindall is a sideline to sideline LB who will be a three down back in the NFL. He was arguably the best player on the field during the Georgia vs Alabama national championship game. He has a high ceiling, it will be fun to watch him develop over the next few seasons, Tindall and Baker in the middle is going to give opposing offenses trouble.

  3. Looks like a good player. The Dolphins certainly need some better tacklers. Hopefully he is able to grasp the defence and compete.

  4. Good pick for Miami. Three team has very few holes in the roster and they filled one of them.
    I am also very happy they did not give up any draft capital for next season. I believe they have 2 1s and 2 2s next draft so if Tua fails this season they have the ability to get a new QB.
    I think Tua will have a great season though.

  5. Success attracts a lot of people. Hope he’s the next Zach Thomas WHO SHOULD BE IN THE HOF. Hint, hint…

  6. And finally miami joins the party. This draft isn’t anywhere as exciting for phins fans as those days with 3 first round picks. But we’ve got Mr T Hill and i can’t wait for the season to begin.

  7. Great pick for a Blitz happy Defense. You can’t teach 4.4 speed. He will play Special Teams to develop and come in 3rd and passing downs. It is good value for the #102 pick. Glad Grier didn’t do something stupid and trade away anything for developmental OL guy.

  8. To all the naysayers: Bryan Cox, 3rd or 4th round, Zack Thomas, 3rd round. Correct me if I’m wrong on both. (I know you will)….Maybe the “not so sexy” but solid pick nonetheless. LB’s picked 3rd round? Not terrible.

  9. I’ll correct myself, so the readers won’t have to: Both picks were 5th rounders. Next time it would be good for me to research before writing. I’m from the Steven A School of Journalism, pardon me.

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