Falcons take QB Desmond Ridder

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The long, long wait for the second quarterback drafted has finally come to an end.

With the 74th pick in the 2022 NFL draft, the Atlanta Falcons selected quarterback Desmond Ridder from Cincinnati.

Ridder is just the second quarterback taken in this year’s draft, following Pittsburgh’s Kenny Pickett, who went with the 20th overall pick.

It’s been a shocking fall for the quarterbacks this year, with Liberty’s Malik Willis and Ole Miss’s Matt Corral still in the green room.

But for Ridder, Atlanta is his new home, and as a rookie he’ll likely serve as the No. 2 quarterback behind Marcus Mariota.

10 responses to “Falcons take QB Desmond Ridder

  1. Don’t assume he will be the #2 quarterback. Josh Rosen is still on the roster I think.

  2. Congrats to Desmond Ridder. He’s an amazing person, a great leader, and an outstanding Quarterback. Thank you from Cincinnati Bearcat Nation. All the best in Atlanta.

  3. Been saying ‘IT WASN’T GOING TO BE’ malik!
    Media over hyped that poor guy, getting his hopes up to be draft in 1st round and look, in the third round he still sits!

  4. This is the only QB I wanted the Lions to get if they went that route. I felt like we didn’t want a QB this year because we have two first round picks next year and I would love to get Bryce Young throwing to Jameson Williams. That said Ridder is 6’3, can stay in the pocket and create space, has a cannon arm if you watch tape. Only knock on him is accuracy which it’s not a mechanical problem like Josh Allen which could be a problem, but hes young.

  5. Good for Desmond. It’ll be interesting to see if Artie’s plan works down there.

  6. Atlanta passes on the kid from Atlanta with more ability and upside. I could understand taking Corral but Ridder is not a Starting NFL QB. See the Alabama game. He didn’t dominate in a weak conference. They could have gotten Ridder in the 4th round.

  7. High character guy. Throws really nice on the run. Good poise in the pocket. Nice pick for Atlanta.

  8. Good style of play to match Mariota. The Falcons have plenty of other major roster issues, but they can build on this. Solid pick and wasn’t at all a reach, whether he works or not

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