Hollywood Brown acknowledges he asked for a trade, and that Lamar Jackson knew about it

NFL: NOV 28 Browns at Ravens
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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson acted surprised that the Ravens traded receiver Hollywood Brown last night. Jackson shouldn’t have been.

Brown told I Am Athlete Tonight on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio that he did indeed ask for a trade, and that Jackson did indeed know.

“It was just . . . my happiness,” Brown said. “I talked to Lamar about it after my second year. And then after my third year, leading up to the end of the season, you know, he wasn’t playing. I let him know again, like, ‘Yeah, bro, I can’t do it.’ You know, it’s not really on Lamar, like I love Lamar. It was just, you know, it’s just the system just wasn’t for me personally. You know, I love all my teammates. I love the guys. It was just something I had to think about for myself.”

So why did Lamar act surprised about the move, and why did Lamar seem upset that the Ravens did it? Although Brown said he loves Lamar, Brown said it all when he uttered the words, “The system just wasn’t for me.”

That system is Lamar Jackson. It’s built around Jackson. It’s not conducive to receivers generating big numbers.

A rejection of the system is a rejection of Jackson, no matter what Brown or anyone else says.

It’s one of the reasons why the Ravens have a hard time attracting receivers via free agency. They have to draft them. And then they may have to trade them.

That will be the case unless and until they change the system. On one hand, it’s useful to not do whatever everyone else does; it puts extra pressure on opposing defenses who don’t face that kind of system on a regular basis.

On the other hand, if what a given team is doing de-emphasizes one specific offensive position, the players who play that position will eventually want to play somewhere else.

50 responses to “Hollywood Brown acknowledges he asked for a trade, and that Lamar Jackson knew about it

  1. I think it’s time to face the truth, Lamar is not going to put up large passing numbers. He’s basically a RB who can also throw some. How many WRs have they drafted and signed that end up not contributing much?

  2. They can draft defense and offensive linemen and let Jackson keep running. Or they can trade him (undoubtedly they would get at least a 1st and 3rd round pick – he’s been exposed) and get a Quarterback that can throw and is a team leader. Time to end the experiment. The only way it won’t happen is if the Ravens are too arrogant to admit that their running QB attempt was a failure. Ao it won’t happen.

  3. Doesn’t he drop the ball at a pretty high rate? I realize that is an offense catered around Lamar but do you think he’ll get many opportunities in AZ if he’s dropping passes?

  4. Hollywood dropped 3TD catches in one single game last year, all throws catchable. “The System” switch to AZ won’t fix that. Kyler is way more accurate and still scrambles to prolong plays, and Hopkins is looking old and slow (ditto AJ Green), so Hollywood should still have success.

    If he can hold on to the ball.

  5. See how he is at Az. Verdict not in yet on him. Find out if they over or under paid.

  6. lowlyfinfan88 says:
    April 29, 2022 at 11:38 am

    Doesn’t he drop the ball at a pretty high rate? I realize that is an offense catered around Lamar but do you think he’ll get many opportunities in AZ if he’s dropping passes?===================Ja’Marr Chase dropped passes last year in preseason but was great in the regular season & playoffs. Players have stretches of bad plays. Marquise Brown was an elite receiver with Kyler Murray in college. Brown will now probably put up All-Pro numbers with the Cardinals as long as Murray plays & is healthy.

  7. Strange situation in Baltimore, they have built the whole offense around Lamar, yet Lamar won’t even negotiate a new contract with them.

  8. He had 146 targets with 91 receptions in 2021… over 1,000 yards. Most receivers in the NFL would be just fine with that. I’m thinking he won’t get those numbers behind D-Hop..

  9. I’ve said from the get-go that the Ravens have no clue about the WR position. They are basically forcing Lamar’s hand. Quite honestly he may not sign an extension with them. I support that, they treat players like garbage over there. It’s a business I understand. But when everyone makes fun of QB for not being a QB, then get him as much help as you can at WR. Look at Buffalo, KC, AZ, Miami. At least they are trying…

  10. Running back quarterback = bad contract for receivers. Bateman will be gone too soon, no receiver can succeed with that brutal offense

  11. He wasn’t lying about the system so I get it. The comments about wideouts not wanting to play there is telling. Name me a top tier QB1 that receivers don’t want to play with?

  12. First Patrick got paid and his receiver left, then Rogers got paid and his receiver left and now Lamar is holding out so his receiver left before the pond is dry. Does anyone else see a pattern here, should be interesting going forward.

  13. They just have to get lunch pail guys and do it that way. I personally would never pay receivers big money. What the Titans did last night would be my blueprint because 7-on-7 is spitting out capable receivers everyday now. This isn’t the old days. With all of the rule changes to benefit offense, it’s an indictment on a receiver if they can’t get it done.

  14. Does everyone remember after his MVP season when Ravens fans thought it would be so easy to get every FA they wanted with a QB like Lamar? Lol turns out no one wants to play with him. BIG Truss, lol!!

  15. Baltimore is in a tough spot. Most (outside of Baltimore) understand that Lamar is limited. He’s just NOT going to get them to the Promised Land. Now he’s due a new contract. Trade this guy for whatever you can get !!

  16. WRs want their numbers and seek to avoid offenses that stress the run. That’s why Diggs bolted Zimmer’s run-first offense in MN. That one worked out okay for the Vikes and Diggs.

  17. Listen, the Raven’s system is run first but Hollywood had almost 150 targets last year which was good for 10th in the league on a per game basis. He had at least 6 drops which was also top 10 in the league and had at least 4 dropped TDs. How is that on the system?

  18. Ravens scored the two cleanest and safest players in the draft

    Watch them add Christian Watson today.

    I hate the Ravens but I still see a ton of potential there.

  19. I’m not surprised he wanted out…who would want a RB throwing him the ball. Get used to it Baltimore, if you sign Lamar to a big deal no one is going to want to play in Baltimore.

  20. Hollywood wont be seeing the ball nearly as much in Arizona as he did in Baltimore. His numbers with the ravens were non productive, nice to look at,but no impact when it mattered.

  21. They traded a receiver that didn’t fit the system, which in turn upset the QB that won’t come to the table for contract talks. Then they drafted a center that doesn’t fit the system either. To me, the Ravens are setting up for the post Greg Roman/Lamar Jackson era. They tried, it sort of worked, but not enough to get to the promised land, so now they begin the process of moving on.

    Send the crybaby, ball dropping receiver that’s going to want $20 million+ per year on his way, piss the QB off so he wants to move on, tag and trade said QB for a plethora of riches next year, and take a shot in the draft again when the options are more/better.

  22. The ravens respect the wishes of their players. No way they paying a we 20 plus milllion a year . Kyler Murray is a poor man’s lamar Jackson . Good luck in the desert

  23. mumfio says:
    Ja’Marr Chase dropped passes last year in preseason but was great in the regular season & playoffs. Players have stretches of bad plays.

    You’re comparng a rookie receiver dropping passes in his first NFL training camp to an NFL veteran who often drops passes during games, including 3-4 sure touchdowns last season?
    That’s not apples to oranges, it’s grapes to watermelons.

  24. a hollywood star in his own mind. too many drops for the distraction he brings and not willing to throw a block when lamar takes off running too soon

  25. Greg Roman hasnt learned any new tricks in years and has even regressed since back when he was coaching under Rex Ryan. He has stalled out a former MVP’s development, stagnated an offense, squandered a top notch wideout, and has scared away any free agent who can catch the ball from joining his squad. . . How he still gets paid to do all this is Baltimore’s biggest problem besides convincing Lamar to sign on their dotted line, or are those problems one in the same? They should be

  26. Lamar Jackson is following the same between the lines career path as that guy who used to start in San Fran.

  27. I mean think of how much receivers touch the ball. Yeah, they make the highlights and the big plays, but it’s 8 or 9 times tops on a great day. Guys who make the clutch catch and do their job is more important, and sorry, it’s not worth as much as a pass rusher, QB, or elite pass protector. Chase dominated last year, and the Rams erased him outsdie of one great catch in the Super Bowl. Same thing with Hill last year in the Chief offense. Teams just doubled him all game and reduced him to 10 yards a catch, limiting the big plays. It’s more important to have a lot of versatile, dependable weapons to spread it around to and a great QB with good protection next to a dominant defense.

  28. I get the sense Hollywood is going to be more trouble than he’s worth. It’s easy to forget these guys are entitled millionaire children – most of whom lose their fortune shortly after they are out of football. Ravens were wise for flipping the 1st round selection for a fresh one. I really wish sports wasn’t like this. But let’s not forget who is Hollywood’s uncle. Good luck to Hollywood & the Cardinals.

  29. Lamar is acting surprised so that he can then act triggered later when the contract issue is in play (ya got rid of my weapons, no good!). I think we all know the deal.

  30. The problem was the ravens didn’t have another wr getting double covered a wr browns size needs a big name wr like hopkins to take the attention off him

  31. Kyler can run it and throw it…Lamar can just run it and fumble it. Hollywood will do well in AZ

  32. Saying it’s the system is a lazy take.

    Hollywood was a top 10 targetted WR and yet barely produced a thousand yards. You can say it’s because of the system, but what about all those drops in Detroit? He probably dropped 200 yards and a couple of touchdowns

    Lots of other easy td drops as well

    No accountability for him tho

  33. I’ve been an LJ8 fan from the get go. But his latest antics are becoming a worry. ME FIRST is short-lived and every one loses. TEAM FIRST is sustainable and keeps butts in the seats. My prediction: LJ8 is franchised next year and that’s it for his stay in Baltimore. Baltimore will draft a QB next year and move on, and I’m ok with that. LJ just hasn’t grown up to be a real man. He honestly looked and behaved more like a man in college.

  34. At what point do Ravens fans move on from Lamar? DeCosta clearly is. No chance he pays him, especially when he has another terrible year this year. He’s going back to a defense-first, limit-the-turnovers approach and Lamar is the last QB you want to execute that program in light of his poor decision-making, turnovers, and inability to throw the football accurately or handle pressure.

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