Joe Douglas: We got better on Thursday night

NFL: APR 28 2022 Draft
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The Jets came into Thursday night with a pair of first-round picks and they added a third before the night came to an end.

After taking cornerback Sauce Gardner and wide receiver Garrett Wilson at No. 4 and No. 10, the Jets traded back into the first round to add edge rusher Jermaine Johnson with the 26th overall selection. There were some who thought Johnson might have been their pick at No. 10 and getting him after the swap with Tennessee made Genera Manager Joe Douglas a happy man when all was said and done.

“We got better tonight,” Douglas said in a press conference. “What a great opportunity. A lot of credit goes to our coaching staff and our scouts for all the hard work to make an opportunity like this come to fruition. Feel fortunate to get three players that we feel can really help this team moving forward, three players that were in our top eight, so we’re excited about that.”

Douglas said that the team started making calls around the 15th pick to “start trying to make a move” for Johnson and spoke to every team before coming to an agreement with the Titans. The move capped a jubilant night for the Jets and the hope is that the trio of rookies create a lot more smiles down the road.

13 responses to “Joe Douglas: We got better on Thursday night

  1. I was upset when they passed on Thibideux at 4 but they liked Jermaine Johnson more and they got him at 26 ..hats off to zJoe Douglas

  2. Jets got a lot better on paper.On paper they won the first round. Hahaha. Let’s see next fall what reality is.

    Douglas has done a great job of being committed to his strategy and making the moves without blowing up his strategy.

    The haters will be out in force with the same lines that have been using year after year. Good luck to them.

  3. Sounds like they got lucky they didn’t get a bite at 15 otherwise they wouldn’t have a second rounder left

  4. I’m not a Jets fan, but to those who are, your first round draft went very well. Three excellent starters in the first round. The Jets aren’t there yet, but they took a major step towards that last night.

  5. Yes… of course they got better. So did the Jags, Texans, Panthers, Lions and Giants with draft capital at the top of the draft. However, can they put it all together? Multiple 1st rounders is very rare. The Jets have a way of messing everything up regardless.

  6. Let’s take bets on if they’re any better this time next year and if this guy will even be around. I know where I got my money, lol. It’s the Jets.

  7. As a Viking fan, I’d say the Jets had my dream draft. I would have loved any one of those players and they got all three. I might pay a little closer attention to the Jets this year.

  8. Don’t have a dog in this hunt, but on paper – the Jets murdered the 1st round. Time will tell if they were as successful as it initially appears – players bust, players elevate – and NOBODY has a magic crystal ball.

  9. Combined with the draft and free agency, 9 good, new starters. D Woody said it today, NE probably finishes last in the division. The run is over.

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