Joe Schoen: Declining Daniel Jones option doesn’t affect draft plans

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Word that the Giants would be declining their option on quarterback Daniel Jones‘ contract for the 2023 season broke shortly before the start of the draft on Thursday, but it didn’t come as a surprise.

Any flashes of promise in Jones’ first three seasons were mitigated by turnovers, injuries, and relentless losing. That made it impossible for the Giants to put themselves on the hook for a guaranteed salary of $22.384 million for a fifth season, but General Manager Joe Schoen said the team isn’t necessarily in the market for another quarterback right now.

Schoen said the plan for Jones to start and Tyrod Taylor to be the backup hasn’t changed because of the option decision.

“We are always open to all positions, but that doesn’t really affect our draft status,” Schoen said at a press conference. “We met on it today, and it really doesn’t affect what we think about Daniel. We really like Daniel and the work he’s been putting in. And we are excited where he is, and we are excited to work with him. It was a decision we thought was best for the New York Giants at this time.”

A franchise tag for Jones after the 2022 season would cost about $11 million more than the fifth-year option and would become the starting point for extension talks if Jones plays well enough to earn a longer stay, but the Giants have made their peace with that scenario as they move forward this season.

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  1. Time to move in a different direction,,,draft Wilks or one of the other QBs in rd 2

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