Lions think Jameson Williams gives them “something to cook with”

2022 NFL Draft - Round 1
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Wide receiver Jameson Williams said on Thursday night that he didn’t have many conversations with the Lions during the pre-draft process, but it’s clear that the NFC North club had their eyes on him.

The Lions moved from No. 32 all the way up to No. 12 in a trade with the Vikings during the first round in order to take the former Alabama wideout. Williams said that kind of move makes it obvious that the Lions “have faith that we can do big things” and offensive coordinator Ben Johnson confirmed that the team feels the same way.

“We talked about in the springtime, finding somebody on the outside that would dictate coverage,” Johnson said, via Kyle Meinke of “And shoot, I think he checks that box, 100%. I think teams, when he gets healthy, they will realize where he’s at on the field. And that’s what we’re excited about, because that’s gonna do nothing but open up our run game and the opportunity for all of our other skill players. This is a guy that can stretch the field without any sweat. He is electric, he’s got juice. Once he gets healthy, we’re gonna have something to cook with. It’s gonna be fun.”

Williams wound up being the fourth receiver taken and he may have been the first if he had not torn his ACL in the national title game. He’s aiming to be on the field for training camp and making good on that goal would make the Lions’ decision to jump 20 spots to get him look all the better.

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  1. Great move by Holmes. Even with the injury, Jamison should have been first WR taken. Had they waited until 32, they wouldnt have gotten a player near his impact. Its a deep draft, especially in first two rounds. The drop from 32 to 46 in the second round is totally worth it. They also still have a third rounder, after trading a third.

  2. The Lions said the same thing when they drafted Matthew Stafford, N. Suh and Calvin Johnson….

    This team has been trying to serve a meal from cr@ppy “cooking” for almost 70 years!

  3. When he is back at full speed, he is a game changer. Georgia would have had a much harder time winning the national championship if he did not get injured, and this is from a Bulldog fan.

  4. Not only did Kwesi pass on him, he let a division rival get him. I’ve lost all faith in this team once again. Now I can’t even enjoy a consolation prize of being a bad team-high draft picks. Now Kwesi is going to GIVE those picks away

  5. Given the playoff success they had with Calvin Johnson I can see why he they’d trade up to get a difference maker at WR.

    Oh shoot, I forgot to write that in sarcasm font.

  6. Nothing against the talent; But intangibles make or break prospects. I honestly could not help but acknowledge that the 2 boys drafted from The Ohio State University represented their maturity in front of the microphone in superior fashion vs both JW and DL

  7. If the Vikings would have taken him, they would have had a top-5 offense, at least. But I guess they didn’t need him.

  8. All the hype is about his skills pre-injury. There is no guarantee the speed and agility pre-injury come back. While tall, he’s lean and I worry about durability. Heck, his ACL tear was a non-contact injury.

  9. Fantastic moves in the first. Grab the guy you need to grab at 2, the one that should ahve went #1, and then just go get an elite game changing WR as well.

    When someone asks, who do the Lions have that might be their best player, both these guys are gonna draw votes.

  10. Low football IQ and a torn ACL. A trade up.

    Lions with 2 poor picks based on NFL projection. This kid will run 5 routes, be doubled and not be able to be durable and consistent growing at the NFL level.

  11. I know it is not the “fun” cooking pick, but when the Lions traded up I really was hoping they would draft Jordan Davis. I am sure Jameson will be a really good player, but you dont see many 6’6″ 340 pound humans that move as fast as Davis. I think the wide receiver market is turning into what the running back market looks like. I think you can find a quality, starting receiver in the 2nd and 3rd rounds…St. Brown 4th, Kenny Golladay 3rd, Deebo 2nd, Davante adams 2nd, Cooper Kupp 3rd, stefon diggs 5th round, Hunter renfro 5th round, Tee Higgins 2nd…

  12. The thing I think is unsung about the Lions is the strength of the O-line (if healthy). The Lions will now have 2 very good WRs. My only question at this point, other than the D, is the quality of the QB to get those good WRs the ball. Goff had very good WRs and the best offensive mind in the NFL with the Rams and couldn’t do it very effectively (while the QB they traded could in his first year).

  13. Are the Vikings part-owners in DET? I don’t understand the moves they made yesterday. There’s no upside to making your competitors better.

  14. You want to add insult to injury, Viking fans? Aaron Rodgers was on Pat McAfee’s show and called Williams the best WR in the draft.

  15. I felt bad for the kid with this pick. He worked so hard and then gets snatched up by a team nowhere near ready to make use of him.

    Maybe they think he can rehab for a season while they figure out how to sign or draft their next QB. Nothing against Goff, but they clearly don’t think he’s the long-term plan, so of all the ingredients to “cook” with, why Williams? For so many other teams, he’d be the missing piece.

  16. “Once he gets healthy, we’re gonna have something to cook with. It’s gonna be fun.”

    Is Goff still the chef?

  17. The Lions will always be the Lions. Taking a WR this high is a luxury and they don’t have the roster for luxury picks. Taking one that will have to spend his 1st year rehabbing is just laughable.

  18. I like the pick, but the Lions should spend the rest of the draft on defense. They have so many holes to fill. It doesn’t matter how good your offense is when your defense lets teams score on every drive.

  19. He has already run a 4.4 40 during his rehab, his ACL may not have been severe based on that. Plans to be ready by July. He will dictate coverage, and it will help open up the run game as well.

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