Raiders decline fifth-year option on all three 2019 first-round picks

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When the Raiders selected defensive end Clelin Ferrell, running back Josh Jacobs, and safety Johnathan Abram in the first round of the 2019 draft, the team envisioned those three players as cornerstones of the franchise going forward.

Now, all three players may be elsewhere in 2023 — if not sooner.

Las Vegas announced on Friday that the club has declined the fifth-year option on Ferrell, Jacobs, and Abram. The moves are not particularly surprising, given the production from each player paired with the Raiders having a new regime in place with General Manager Dave Ziegler and head coach Josh McDaniels.

“We look forward to working with all three players and we will evaluate each situation individually moving forward,” Ziegler said in a statement.

Realistically, Jacobs was the only candidate for his option to be picked up. Selected at No. 24 in 2019, Jacobs has recorded at least 1,200 yards from scrimmage in each of his first three seasons and was the runner-up to Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray for offensive rookie of the year in 2019. Jacobs rushed for 872 yards with nine TDs last season, catching a career-high 54 passes for 348 yards.

But if the Raiders picked up Jacobs’ option, they would have owed him $8 million guaranteed for 2023. Given McDaniels’ approach to running backs, Las Vegas could likely use that money to improve other positions.

Ferrell, the No. 4 overall pick in 2019, lost his starting job last season. He’s never matched the production of fellow 2019 draft pick Maxx Crosby, who signed a contract extension with Las Vegas in early March. He would’ve been due to make $11.5 million in guaranteed salary on the fifth-year option.

Abram missed nearly all of his rookie season with a shoulder injury suffered in Week One. But he finished second on the team in 2021 with 116 total tackles, playing 14 games. The 27th overall pick in 2019, he would have made $7.9 million on the fifth-year option.

By announcing they’ve declined all three options on Friday, the Raiders could create a trade market for any of the three players for the next two days of the draft.

26 responses to “Raiders decline fifth-year option on all three 2019 first-round picks

  1. The right move, but this should get REAL interesting in that locker room real quick. lol

  2. I feel like out of the three it was more realistic for the Raiders to pick up the option on Abrams, not Jacobs. Most RBs are a dime a dozen these days. Ferrell has been a monumental bust, selected one pick before the Bucs landed Devin White.

  3. I’m sure they want to keep Jacobs, but they don’t want to pay him stupid money to do it.
    Same for Abraham. They’ll work something out.

  4. Celin is a bust. Salmon man has potential if he learns to hit without injuries to himself. Jacobs is solid but having ability to not guarantee money is good. I think it will be a play for contract year for him.

  5. Most RBs are plug and play now in most offensive systems. Jacobs has been one of the best draft picks from the Gruden regime, but he can be replaced with a RB that will make less than 8 mil. Ferell and Abram were both whiffs by Gruden/Mayock and if it wouldn’t have cost so much to cut them, Ziegler would’ve probably let them go this year.

  6. Taking Ferrell with the 4th overall pick should have been a fire-able offense… Immediately.

  7. This is why 1st round picks are overrated. Trade your picks for a proven player.

  8. Josh Jacobs is an excellent football player – classless move by the Raiders, and an obvious move to circumvent the intent of the fifth-year option for first-round selections.

  9. They will be resigned nothing to see here. Moving on. We don’t have any picks till the 3rd round I think

  10. I remember when Mayock had a CRUSH on Jay Cutler, thats when I disregarded anything he ever said.

  11. bassplucker says:
    April 29, 2022 at 1:59 pm
    So, the Bears won the Khalil Mack trade, then?

    Uh, no. Jacobs has given us 1200+ yards a year, is still one of our offensive weapons this year and can play for a new contract. Khalil isn’t even a Bear anymore.

  12. Mayock and Gruden are perfect examples of how incompetent most TV pundits are with evaluating talent. These same ones that were convinced that 3 to 4 QB’s should have gone in the first round, actually teams should have traded up to the top 10, just because the team “needs” a QB.

  13. The bears won the Mack trade? What did they ever win with Mack? Oh yeah nothing…I’d call it a draw, Mack did not put the bears over the top but they paid him a ton of money. Raiders blew the picks.

  14. So I guess Mike Mayock also ruined any chance he had of going back to being a draft pundit.

  15. Unless you need a QB, it’s safer for a GM to have a late first round pick than a Top 10. Sure does make Mayock and Gruden look incompetent.

  16. Everyone knows the Bears fleeced the Raiders, that’s super old news. The Raiders decline is still very much a real thing since trading away Mack. The next b0nehead move was literally moving to Las Vegas. They are disliked by the locals and the opposing team has a much bigger showing at every game. Then the massive hit was Gruden and Mayock getting control of the team. Now they trade all their picks for an over paid WR and they have Carr and Krappernick… can’t be worse than the Raiders organization right now.

  17. Gruden failed at everything in his return. His draft picks were atrocious. His free agency signings were atrocious. His trades were atrocious. His play-calling/team building was atrocious. Mayock found a few late round gems like Renfrow and Crosby. Gruden did help Carr get a little better and he found/developed Waller, but that’s it. Gruden also failed miserably at being a human being. He should have been fired after the 2020 season, I’m so glad he’s gone.

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