Raiders finally make their first pick, select offensive lineman Dylan Parham

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The Raiders had to wait . . . and then wait some more before making their first choice of the 2022 draft.

Of course, they’re more than OK with giving up the 22nd and 53rd overall choices to the Packers for receiver Davante Adams.

“We talked about that at pick 22,” Raiders coach Josh McDaniels said Thursday night. “There’s all those things that you can kind of look back on and so forth, but we made that decision a while ago and are very happy with what we received in that transaction. I’m sure Green Bay is happy with who they picked. Davante is a pleasure to be around and to have the ability to work with him just a little bit this week at the minicamp was fun for everybody. Just to start that process together, looking forward to more of that as we go through the spring.”

The Raiders’ first selection in the 2022 draft was supposed to be pick No. 86, but they traded that to Tennessee for picks 90 and 169.

Las Vegas selected Memphis offensive lineman Dylan Parham with the 90th selection.

Parham made 28 starts at left guard, 12 at right guard and 11 at right tackle but could play center in the NFL.

10 responses to “Raiders finally make their first pick, select offensive lineman Dylan Parham

  1. Love this pick and this kid. I had him as a 2nd round prospect, and we were able to trade down a few spots and still grab him at #90. Can play guard immediately or take Andre James’ job down the line if they need him to move to center. The first two days of the draft were boring for us Raiders fans but this was the best player on the board for me and filled a big need for this team.

  2. One would have thought Parham could be had later.
    Am surprised that the Raiders didn’t take Wisconsin LB Leo Chenal first. Or even Coby Bryant the CB. Then go after someone like him, like Parham.
    Perhaps they feel they can start him right away somewhere.
    Regardless, it seems to show that offensive line questions prioritized themselves enough for the Raiders, that they were not going to wait on the player they’d targeted, and risk not getting the guy they felt could best help them strengthen that part of the roster.
    Since this was not someone as likely to be used as a tackle, the team must not have liked the tackle/guard options left. Or they feel that confident that the people in the mix for tackle currently are going to have a starter amongst them for sure. Or perhaps they intend to still sign one in free agency once June comes and they get more cap room.
    We’ll have to wait a bit more to see how this pick plays into whatever approach it is the Raiders have in mind towards setting themselves up with a competitive starting five on the o-line this season.

  3. It’s refreshing to draft a player that we know Can play, or start right away instead of selecting the guy that made your sandwich at Subway because he looks like he can run fast. Sorry Mayock/Gruden, we’ll take it from here.

  4. In the 2022 draft the Raiders first pick was number 90. Their defense is below average, they have an average RB that’s injured all the time and no QB. So they trade all their picks for an overrated WR. Then decline almost every 5th year option from the extra picks they wasted after trading Mack and getting nothing to gain out of that. Josh Jacobs hasn’t even broke 1200 yds in one season and he’s your best value from that trade. Not even close! At least they got a lineman, they need to rebuild from scratch. They don’t stand a chance in that division.

  5. There is nothing good about the Raiders right now, these comments are all ridiculous. The obsessions’ with propping your team’s boring pick displays the desperation and insanity of these hapless Raiders fans. You know you got fleeced by the Bears and now the Packers. You will be lucky to finish in 3rd place in the AFC west for the next three years at a minimum.

  6. Your reminder that this team without a #1 receiver was the AFC’s 5 seed last season.

  7. Your reminder that the #1 receiver was on a team with a HOF QB.

    He’s not a #1 WR anymore…..

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