Report: Panthers’ pursuit of Baker Mayfield heating up

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Ever since the Browns obtained Deshaun Watson in a trade with the Texans, it seemed like Baker Mayfield was destined for Carolina. The Panthers, with only one choice in the first three rounds, passed on taking a quarterback Thursday.

With the sixth overall selection, the Panthers chose offensive tackle Ickey Ekwonu.

Kimberley Martin of ESPN reports the Panthers’ pursuit of Mayfield “continues to heat up,” adding that Mayfield could end up in Carolina by the end of the weekend.

The Panthers likely will want the Browns to pick up most of Mayfield’s $18.8 million salary for 2022. He is scheduled to become a free agent in 2023.

Trading Mayfield to the Panthers would get Mayfield out of the AFC.

Mayfield played through a torn labrum in his left, non-throwing shoulder, starting 12 games with the injury last season. He led the Browns to a playoff win in 2020.

The Panthers currently have Sam Darnold and P.J. Walker on their depth chart at the position.

10 responses to “Report: Panthers’ pursuit of Baker Mayfield heating up

  1. Darnold + a pick would work too. The salaries off set, and Darnold would be an okay backup for Cleveland. And it’s not like Darnold is going to start somewhere else.

    But Mayfield is an upgrade for sure, and pretty much a no brainer with who else is available for the Panthers.

  2. Truth OR just media hype when there is actually NOTHING going on between the Browns and Panthers…. Stay tune!

  3. do the Browns give the check to Baker to give to the Panthers when he gets there ??

  4. Why do I get the hunch that they will give him a Mahomesian deal? Honestly… I think in both cases it could make sense, he does have the talent, just needs the right system. Maybe Carolina can give him that. But a big money contract is about to be announced for Mayfield. This probably all worked out for him the most once all dust settles.

  5. What a crock, this is not going to happen. They are building the team and you will not hear any of this playoff talk this year. After this year most likely they go after a QB. But right now they still have a long way to go.

  6. I imagine the Panthers would rather be able to trade, say, Christian McCaffery and his contract straight up for Baker Mayfield. That’s the deal I’d be behind anyway.

  7. chadbildress says:
    “Mayfield is an upgrade for sure…”
    Mayfield divides a locker room; Darnold unites it….

  8. Watching Baker last season was so bad. I know he had injuries, like most players do towards the end of the year. But it was awkward watching him fail so hard. Seems just like yesterday the Browns had all the draft picks in the world, and all the money to spend and Dorsey became a star GM. You couldn’t write a worst ending. And now they gave Watson all that money guaranteed even though it’s not a guarantee he will even play right away. Look at Trevor Bauer today. My Lions have been on that same level, shown more flashes but same level. But at least we have hope right now.

  9. Baker IS NOT GOING to Carolina…. I’ve been telling you guys this ALL WEEK…. Stop it

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