Titans trade up to No. 86, and they take Malik Willis

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He was the betting favorite to be the first quarterback taken in the draft. He lasted through 85 picks.

At pick No. 86, the Titans made their move for Malik Willis.

Trading up with the Raiders, the Titans made Willis a third-round pick.

The selection come at a time when questions are swirling about the future of starter Ryan Tannehill, who arrived three years ago as a backup to Marcus Mariota, the second pick in 2016. And Willis now has the ability to sit and learn and grow behind Tannehill.

It’s a fitting move for the franchise, given that Willis has drawn comparisons to legendary Titans quarterback Steve McNair.

The slide will definitely motivate Willis. The Titans emerge with a player who could become their future at the position.

16 responses to “Titans trade up to No. 86, and they take Malik Willis

  1. The Lions actually know what there doing with this new regime. Nice. Do what you have to do next draft with our two first round picks to get Bryce Young here throwing to Jameson Williams.

  2. It will be interesting to hear the analysis of how he fell this far but good luck to Malik.

  3. Wasted pick…Baker Mayfield would have been a better decision, and Baker IS NOT going to Carolina, so let’s stop talking about that deal, because it’s not happening

  4. Shorter than Mayfield, he’ll never be able to play NFL QB from the pocket. Doesn’t understand the value of throwing the ball away. At best he becomes a gadget player after they pull the plug on him as a QB.

  5. He will end up being the guy with the monster arm that comes into the game to throw a hail mary .

  6. Lions had an excellent draft thus far. Building for the future, and not making Millen/Mathew/Quinn absurd draft choices like they would have done by drafting Malik Willis

  7. I was amazed by all the hype surrounding a guy who barely threw 20 TD passes against so-so competition. Everyone thought I was the crazy one when I said he will be a 2nd or 3rd round pick. Well…

    General managers was a mobile QB, yes. But they don’t want a passer who still throws the ball on a high-school level. Best of luck to him, but I don’t think he’ll do much as an NFL QB.

  8. Josh Allen was a similar QB to Malik going into the draft. Rocket arm, great runner, questionable accuracy and decision making. Height being the major difference, but I don’t see why Malik can’t be a half Josh Allen, half Lamar Jackson type. I would take a chance on the skillset that’s better at everything than Old Man Kenny Picks.

  9. I don’t get why they had to move up to get him?
    Bills cowboys and cardinals were not going to take him.

    Maybe they knew if someone else that was going to trade with those teams prior to the 90th pick they had? Never put it past Jerrah though I guess too. LOL.

    Glad the Raiders got a pick out of it. I bet they do well with it too.

  10. I trashed this dude coming in to the draft. I didn’t like his film. He’s a scramble-first Lamar Jackson type, but, after he posted up that crazy Wonderlic score it’s obvious he’s a bright dude.

    Maybe he’s gadget.

    Maybe he’s a converted WR.

    Maybe he’s a starting QB.

    Either way, he doesn’t seem like a guy we should be counting out. Best of luck on the Titan’s, hope you make ATL regret passing on you multiple times.

  11. Not a fan of this pick as a Bills fan. I hate the titans and now it’s tough for me to root for Malik Willis.
    I like the pick for the titans and Willis. It’s a BIG swing for the fences by the titans. His ceiling is sky high. But his floor is also very low. If they can develop him, oh man. Look out! They could be perennial super bowl contenders.
    Seems like a great spot for Willis to develop too.

  12. He should value his time under Tannehill. Heard he could be another Russell Wilson

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