Treylon Burks not fretting over comparisons to A.J. Brown


When the Titans made the surprising move of trading receiver A.J. Brown to the Eagles in exchange for the 18th overall pick, their immediate move was to select Brown’s replacement in Arkansas receiver Treylon Burks.

Burks was a popular pick for the Titans in many mock drafts, but in those scenarios, he was expected to play alongside Brown, not replace him. And Burks was often compared to Brown by analysts in the pre-draft process. On the NFL Network telecast of the first round, analyst Daniel Jeremiah’s first reaction to the Titans-Eagles trade and Tennessee’s subsequent pick was to point out Brown was Burks’ comp.

After the selection on Thursday night, Burks told reporters that he won’t put extra pressure on himself to replace Brown.

“I’m myself, I’m Treylon Burks,” Burks said, via Ben Arthur of the Tennessean. “Usually, I don’t compare myself to anyone because I’m myself. There’s no other person like me and I handle my business the right way, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Burks described himself as “big, fast, physical, and fearless” when describing his traits — terms that could also be used to talk about Brown. And even though he would have liked to play with Brown, Burks isn’t approaching his first stop in the NFL any differently.

“I’m just thankful for the opportunity that they believed in me to make that trade and believe in me to go out there and represent the organization like it’s supposed to be represented,” Burks said. “That’s what I’m going to do. … That was one of my dreams, to also play with Brown. But I’m going to do what I do best and just go out there and play football.”

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  1. Burks play style reminds me more of terell Owen’s than it does browns. Which is a good thing I think Burks is going to be a great player in the pros. Especially if he has the workout ethic that T.O had he could really turn into something spec

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