Vikings move up (for a change), take Andrew Booth Jr.

Clemson v South Carolina
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After trading down twice, from No. 12 and No. 34, the Vikings have traded up to No. 42, in a deal with the Colts.

With that pick, the Vikings selected Clemson cornerback Andrew Booth Jr.

It’s the second defensive back the Vikings have added in their two picks made so far in 2022. And it’s definitely an area of need for the Vikings. Their defense has struggled, and their secondary has been particularly overmatched.

Will it make a difference in 2022? As always, time will tell.

Speaking of time, former Vikings running back Ed Marinaro stole the show by literally trying to steal the show. The football player turned actor launched a Senate-quality filibuster before a staffer came out to tell him to just read the damn card. Fortunately, he did.

14 responses to “Vikings move up (for a change), take Andrew Booth Jr.

  1. Ed Marinaro, that was classic.

    Several folks projected Booth to the Vikings at #34, which means they still got the guy they wanted and an extra 2nd rounder from GB. Looks much better in retrospect.

  2. The Ed Marinaro bit was hilarious. I’m surprised they didn’t get out the long hook to pull him off the stage like they did in the Vaudeville days.

  3. Now we know where VIking fans get pulling random silly rants out of thin air from now.

  4. I was upset when the Vikings traded down again instead of just taking Booth at 34. Then KAM moves up, takes Booth at 42 and nets an extra 2nd rounder from Green Bay. Now it looks like a brilliant move. Let’s see what they do at 59 and 66 (assuming they’re done trading).

  5. Marinaro was almost as embarrassing as their new gm’s draft strategy. Almost….

  6. Okay, so the Vikings have traded picks 12, 46, 77, and 192 for picks 32, 42, 59, 66, and 122.

    According to the Jimmy Johnson trade chart, the Vikings gave up 1,860.6 points and received 1,690 points. That’s the equivalent of the 84th pick, a mid-third round pick.

    According to the Rich Hill trade chart, the Vikings gave up 541 points and received 518 points. That’s the equivalent of the 126th pick, a mid-fourth round pick.

    That said, this is a draft where you can get good players in the second through fourth rounds, so accumulating a lot of picks in those rounds can make a lot of sense.

  7. Good player, particularly if his hernia and knee surgeries heal up fine. Those must be the reason for his drop in the 2nd round. Not so sure about the OG pick, but the LB looks solid.

  8. rcoh says:
    April 29, 2022 at 8:51 pm
    Time will tell. I always get nervous when the Vikings do the draft!
    They got all of their picks in on time. So, that’s a plus.

  9. Ed Marinaro reminds me of basically every Viking fan.
    Drunk, throws a subtle dig at Green Bay, self centeredly bloviates about absolutely nothing, and is finally asked to leave after overstaying their welcome.
    Typical. 🤣

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