Vikings trade pick No. 34 to the Packers, who take Christian Watson

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The new-look Vikings have zero qualms about making trades within the division.

A night after sending the No. 12 selection to the Lions, who took receiver Jameson Williams, the Vikings slid out of the No. 34 spot in a trade with the hated (by the Vikings) Green Bay Packers.

The Vikings got in return a pair of second-round picks, the 53rd and 59th overall selections.

With the 34th pick, the Packers took North Dakota State receiver Christian Watson.

Watson presumably walks through the door as the No. 1 receiver. No pressure, Christian. None whatsoever.

40 responses to “Vikings trade pick No. 34 to the Packers, who take Christian Watson

  1. All I’m going to say is that if the Vikings make a trade in the third round with the Bears, then we know something is up.

  2. Who does Adolph work for again? Green Bay or Detroit? Give me a break. How can we help Chicago next? How about we help out Minnesota a little huh?

  3. two trades with in the division feels a little bit spicey but the Vikings did have a lot of holes that needed fixing. So why not have the most ammo you can have to fix it.

  4. Just so we are clear, the Vikings cannot cover WR’s, and they have traded away picks so two opponents can acquire WR’s. Idiots.

  5. I guess Kwesi hasn’t heard how we do things around here, but we usually don’t trade game-breaking wide receivers to division rivals.

    Especially when your biggest rival is stuck for getting even one competent receiver for this season.

    Seems like the Vikings could have sold the Chiefs on this trade for 50 and 62.

  6. Do the Bears need any help??? Maybe they could trade down further and own the entire 6th round…

  7. According to either trade value chart, the Vikings fleeced the Packers on this trade, but they are still losing both trades overall. Don’t worry, though. Kwesi will be making more trades later tonight.

  8. We’re going to win the draft. It will be another diamond in our off season championship ring.

  9. Someone had to throw water on Rick Speilman. He was laughing so hard he passed out.

  10. I’m absolutely stunned at how poorly this new regime is managing the draft. Helping your division foes at WR while you have nothing at CB is the definition of idiocy. It’s the Vikings, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Looks like the Wilfs may have unearthed an NFL version of David Kahn. 🤦‍♂️

  11. Kwesi is putting a lot of pressure on himself. The Lions trade looks like he didn’t get appropriate value. Now he is trading back again while giving rivals two of the more explosive players in the draft. If he whiffs on these later round picks (which is easy to do) he will find a quick hot seat. He was set up at 12 for a very good player. He turned 12 and 46 into 32, 53, 59, and 66 so far while also helping the Lions and Packers. Why? He must be a confident guy.

  12. I don’t care about any metric that say we “won” by continually drafting down. You do NOT do it where it benefits divisional rivals.

  13. Are you frickin’ kidding me? Fire this guy now before he trades his 2nd rounders to the bears.

  14. Watson will be a bust. Don’t care about that part. But dropping back that far again?!

  15. I hate to point out the obvious to dullards, but if trading within the division makes you an idiot, the Packers and Lions committed the same verboten act. If the Vikings fleeced both of them who will end up looking dumb?

  16. I think Watson was a bit of a reach at #34 and the Vikings ended up with Booth, who some folks had going to them at #34, so they got their guy and an extra 2nd rounder from GB. In retrospect, not a bad move, although any real judgment should wait until the season is actually played.

  17. Hahaha…… going to regret that four years and years. Watson has the body type Gutie craves in wideouts, and he was always more on the radar than the olave, dotson types.

    Kwesi is the Mr. Magoo of Gm’sprove me wrong.

  18. Unforgivable. I’m done until this Gm is fired, and that should not take long seeing his strategy

  19. cheeseisfattening says:
    April 29, 2022 at 8:22 pm
    Letting the packers take a WR that can’t catch the ball! Nice!


    You sound scared, despite trying to put on a brave front.

  20. Just like every other season, we won the draft. Now, if it would only translate to a championship. Just one?? For once??

  21. Believe it or not this is the guy I’ve been telling everyone I wanted, regardless of any WR’s available in Rd1. To get him in the manner they did is unfathomable……and delightful.

  22. I’m definitely in the minority here…but if the Packers were going to trade to get this guy from SOMEONE. We might as well have grabbed the extra pick from them – while still getting the guy we wanted anyway. Pretty risky, but I think it was worth it this time. Still scratching my head about the Lions trade though…

  23. Some of you acting like Watson is a first ballot HOFer and he hasn’t even shown up to mini camp yet. Why would the Vikings draft another WR when their stable is pretty solid right now? Makes no sense. What does make sense is drafting DBs…..that some of you Vikings fans complained about all last year. The secondary was atrocious!

    There is a reason Watson went that late, he was not as highly rated as the other WRs taken before him. Now one could say Green Bay could have traded up to get an explosive WR like Olave but Watson fits better in the type of scheme Green Bay runs, bubble screens, jet sweeps etc.

    KAM helped the 9ers get to a Super Bowl – KOC just wrapped up a Super Bowl win as an offensive coordinator but yeah they don’t know what they are doing. How many of you have been a GM or a coach in the NFL? It’s like people playing guitar in Rock Band on Playstation and thinking they’re suddenly a guitar player for real.

    I like the picks the Vikings have made so far. I trust what KAM and KOC are doing because I’ve never been a GM or an OC and a Super Bowl team. Trust the process folks – I think Vikings fans will be pleasantly surprised this year.

    When Cine lines up across from Watson I’m sure he will make certain to let him know WHT he was taken before him.

  24. As a Packers fan, I wonder if the Packers needed to make this trade, but it seems like the Vikings got the guy they would have drafted anyway (Booth) and got another second rounder out of the deal. At least at the surface, that seems like good business to me.

  25. “As a Packers fan, I wonder if the Packers needed to make this trade”
    Tenn was the next pick after Minn. It’s very possible they would have taken C Watson. Gutey paid a slight premium to jump up and take him at 34. It was a need.

  26. jimmysee says:
    April 30, 2022 at 12:25 am
    North Dakota State? He’s already acclimated to cold weather football.
    Hahaha….Packers did not do too well last year in the cold and snow against a 9ers team from the west coast. Stop with the cold weather thing makes you look like a casual fan bro.

  27. ragnarthegreat says:
    April 29, 2022 at 7:27 pm
    Who does Adolph work for again? Green Bay or Detroit? Give me a break. How can we help Chicago next? How about we help out Minnesota a little huh?
    Ummmm 3 DBs, 1 linebacker and a defensive tackle to address the porous defense. And that’s not helping? What draft are you watching? Cinema is going to be great and will more than likely start.
    KnowsMoreThanYou says:
    April 29, 2022 at 7:31 pm
    Just so we are clear, the Vikings cannot cover WR’s, and they have traded away picks so two opponents can acquire WR’s. Idiots
    The dumbest take I’ve read so far – why were 3 of the first 5 picks DBs? Looking at the time you posted this.

    Just so we are clear……you trade down in the 2nd and rd rounds because there is alot more talent there after the first 32 picks. Would you rather have just one pick or two? Why in the h*ll would the Vikings take WR? The Vikings WR Corp is probably the best in the division right now. Jefferson, Osbourne,Smith-Marsette and do not forget Bissi Johnson coming back from injury.

    Half of you are Packers fans posting as Vikings fans.

    Just to be clear……..the draft is a gamble just like investing on Wall Street. If any fan base should know that it should be Packer fans with your boi A A Ron being the 24th overall pick in the first round. I’d say that turned out for ya all pretty good.

    So what have we learned

    1. Trading down isn’t that bad to maximize picks in the 2nd and 3rd round

    2. Draftees are not a guarantee of success they are an investment some turn out some do not.

    You’re Welcom

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