Bills take “Punt God” Matt Araiza

Boise State v San Diego State
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The Punt God wasn’t the first punter taken in this year’s draft, but he is now off the board.

The Bills took Matt Araiza in the sixth round with the 180th pick. Jordan Stout and Jake Camarada were the first two punters selected. They were both picked in the fourth round and landed with the Ravens and Buccaneers.

Araiza set an NCAA record, won the Ray Guy Award and earned the Punt God moniker by averaging 51.2 yards per kick for San Diego State during the 2021 season. He also served as the school’s placekicker, but he is not expected to do double duty at the professional level.

The Bills signed Matt Haack as a free agent this offseason, but he may find himself on the move if Araiza proves to be as effective in the pros as he was at the collegiate level.


14 responses to “Bills take “Punt God” Matt Araiza

  1. They’ll trade one of the punters to the Giants. They jumped in front of them knowing the Giants might take Araiza.

  2. I thought long time Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders hall of fame punter Ray Guy was the “Punt God.”

  3. A Pats fan commenting about the Bills punting a lot simply makes my offseason. Hope that reach of a first round pick at guard can play both ways, because that Pats defense is abysmal.

  4. The Bills will still need him when they face the Patriots… Someone needs of hold the ball on extra point kicks!!

  5. There’s at least 2 games a year this kid will be a spectator. Maybe he can run out and get the tee on kickoffs those games.

  6. Given that Bailey’s cap hit is 4m this year and the Patriots need cap space, seems BB went to sleep on this guy, especially since he values special teams so highly.

  7. @billsarethefuture,

    Cole Strange will be pushing Buffalo defensive line around opening holes for all those RBs the Patriots have loaded up. Josh Allen and the offense will be watching from the sidelines as the Patriots chew up the clock extending drives. That disrupts rhythm of the offense and they start to make mistakes. It’s how the Patriots used to slow down those high powered Colts offenses.

  8. sadly…. The New England fans/coaches media and players will never see him in a game.

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