Eagles set to sign Carson Strong

Nevada v Kansas State
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The Eagles didn’t draft a quarterback this year, but they are set to make an undrafted free agent addition to that position group.

According to multiple reports, they will be signing former Nevada quarterback Carson Strong.

Strong visited the Commanders and Steelers during the pre-draft process and was seen as a likely mid-to-late round pick, but he didn’t wind up getting selected. He was a three-year starter in college and completed over 70 percent of his passes the last two seasons while throwing for 63 touchdowns.

Jalen Hurts is on top of the depth chart at quarterback in Philadelphia with Gardner Minshew returning as the No. 2. Reid Sinnett is on the roster and will likely be Strong’s competition for a roster spot.

6 responses to “Eagles set to sign Carson Strong

  1. If given a chance, this dude could be the next Tony Romo, or Kurt Warner. Dude played in a pro style offense and completed 70% of his passes. The question is, how healthy is the leg he injured. He wasn’t fully healed when he played in 2021, and there were some reports his leg may never truly heal. But, if he is 100, he is the best QB from this class. I was hoping the Steelers would draft him.

  2. Quarterback Factory in high gear . Nevada QB Carson Strong and Brown QB EJ Perry both signed.
    And Foles was just let go by the Bears. LOL

  3. This is how this goes every year. The eagles claim they won the draft and then they claim they won the signings of undrafted free agents….nothing new to see hear. Bottom line is if nick foles doesn’t have an out of body experience for 2 and a half weeks this team has no sb wins in team history……it was a very lucky sb win.

  4. I don’t understand how Carson Strong went undrafted, even considering his medical history and supposed lack of mobility. During each of the past two seasons, Strong completed more than 70% of his passes and in 2021, he threw for 4,186 yards, 36 TDs and eight INTs. That’s pretty good. Good luck to him.

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