Jets reportedly made an insultingly low offer for Deebo Samuel

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On Friday night, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan acknowledged that the team had received interest in receiver Deebo Samuel. However, Shanahan made it clear that it was not enough.

“You’ll consider anything,” Shanahan said. “You have a responsibility to help your organization the most you can. But losing a player like Deebo, it’s hard to see how that helps your organization. So you try to look into all the aspects of it and what people are willing to do, and nothing was even remotely close to what we thought would be fair to us or fair for the Niners.”

Shanahan is not just blowing smoke. Matt Barrows of reported on Friday that the Jets offered the 10th overall pick and a fifth-rounder for Samuel, with a catch. The Jets also wanted a second-round pick from the 49ers.

That’s low. Insultingly low. So low that it shouldn’t have been made. Seriously. Coach Robert Saleh, whose work with Shanahan fueled Saleh’s ascension to the head-coaching ranks, surely feared that this offer wouldn’t be regarded as a fair starting point for further conversations, and that it would piss Shanahan off. While no one should lead with their bottom line in any bargaining effort, the first offer needs to show that the party making it is serious. The offer made by the Jets screams face slap.

The Lions, per Barrow, also made an offer that was regarded as “light” by the 49ers.

None of this changes the fact that Deebo wants out. But if the 49ers can persuade him that no one else wants him enough to make a real offer, maybe he’ll re-evaluate his expectations.

Good luck with that. The 49ers are nothing if not stubborn. Deebo seems pretty stubborn, too. He’s on the record as wanting out. The 49ers, who helped create the current mess through intentional or negligent actions or words (otherwise, he wouldn’t want out), will now have to figure out how to defuse a bomb that has already started to go off.

26 responses to “Jets reportedly made an insultingly low offer for Deebo Samuel

  1. The 10th overall pick plus a late pick for Samuel and a late 2nd rounder isn’t an insulting offer. In terms of draft pick points, it’s probably better than the Packers got for Adams and comparable to what the Chiefs got for Hill.

  2. Sounds reasonable. Why more? What position does he even play? Mold an offense around him? Does he even fit in any other system?

  3. Yeah because he’s a not a true top 10 WR. DeAndre Hopkins, Devanate Adams, Cooper Kupp, Tyreke Hill, Stefon Diggs, OBJ, AJ Brown, DK Metcalf, Keenan Allen are all better WRs than this guy. Probably a few more too. Put Debo out wide instead of using him as a RB and he’s not getting 100 + catches, 1,000 yards and 10 TDs even with a better QB than Jimmy G.

  4. Why would a team like the Jets overpay for somebody that wants out? They aren’t the Seahawks.

  5. A current year one and a five seem fair for a historically injury prone, malcontent, albeit talented receiver. Let’s hold off on the anointing oil here. This guy ain’t Reggie Wayne.

  6. Who cares? Take it or leave it bud. 49ers don’t have much leverage with a Wr who wants out anyway. Now Enjoy, along with dead space Jimmy G 25m.

  7. Relative value, that’s what he was worth to them.
    Obv SF values more, but also obv they aren’t going to be able to get that.

    Teams might have overplayed the risk of Deebo not playing or forcing way out, but clearly SF is underplaying the same.

  8. The 49ers are still stuck with Garoppolo because they want more than the player is worth. Looks like they are going to get themselves stuck with an unhappy Deebo.

    Anyone else see a connection?

    Deebo is a beast vs the Rams. Have to give him credit for doung that consistently over a few years. Thing is, nobody plays the Rams 16 times per year, so was the offer from the Jets looked pretty reasonable.

  9. Chiefs got the 29th overall, a 2nd and two 4ths for Hill. The Packers basically got the same for Adams. What makes the 10th overall insultingly low?

    People would consider Hill and Adams better WR’s. Seems the Jets we’re offering too much in my opinion.

  10. Yeah…sorry, Kyle, but that’s not an insultingly low offer for a guy who caught 50 and 3 in his rookie year, wasn’t healthy for his second year, and had a really nice third year by being used as a gadget player.

    You can say the Jets’ offer “wasn’t even close” all you want, but when this is all over you will either settled for a similar deal, or you will have kissed and made up with your unhappy receiver.

  11. Lynch and Shanahan leak way too much and make their business way too public. It’s almost amateurish how they try to use the media in their negotiations. And now they’re stuck with Jimmy and Deebo because of ego and greed.

    Not all first round picks are equal. The 10th pick is a lot more valuable than one in the 20s.

  12. How do we know that it’s the 49ers fault that this player wants out?
    Why is it always the team’s fault and not the player’s??

  13. Insultingly low? What’s more insulting is what Shanahan and the 49ers think Samuel is worth.

    It’s a free market Kyle and the market has determined Samuel isn’t worth anything close to what you think he is. You played your hand and lost. Now you have to deal with the results of your bad judgement which includes a malcontent who will clearly doesn’t want to be there.

    Another smart move from Joe Douglas

  14. Good luck 49ers on holding onto a very disgruntled WR. As a group, they can make the organization they play for, very uncomfortable and news distracting when they want out. They have all gone to the accredited school of OJ Beckham school of changing teams…and it works!!!

  15. He is one of the best WRs in the league, stuck on a team that doesn’t ant to throw. Let him go to a team that will utilize him properly.

  16. Jets are probably better off that 49ers said no. I got why Shanahan might say the offer was low but no clue why anyone would think what the Jets offered was insulting. It was fair, even though 49ers may have wanted more. But no one beat that offer did they? Maybe it is a conspiracy among all the other teams not to offer more?

  17. They used the 10th pick the way they wanted to, and the 49ers are going to get nothing for a guy who hates playing for them. Cool, man.

  18. The only way he plays this year for San Fran is with new contract that pays at least $25 million a year with $60 million fully guaranteed (thanks to the Eagles grossly over paying a second tier receiver) or he will hold out. The reality he no longer wants to be a Niner, even if he does play his mind will totally being on getting out of here and not football. Bad coaching and GM mistake to try to force him to play, never works and they will end trading him for much less.

  19. bbb82 says:
    April 30, 2022 at 12:09 pm
    He is one of the best WRs in the league, stuck on a team that doesn’t ant to throw. Let him go to a team that will utilize him properly.


    Sorry, what’s that? One of the best WRs in the NFL? He has had ONE good season as a WR. ONE, in 2021. The two years prior to that he was average at best, and that was partly due to missing 10 games over those two seasons. You have to be available more than 2/3 of the games and still participate at a high level to be considered one of the best. And he’s done that once. Until he can repeat that success, he’s basically a discount DK Metcalf.

    As for going to a team that wants to utilize him properly, nobody knows how he wants to be utilized. It’s been posited that he doesn’t want to do the RB work as it takes a tougher toll on his body. Unfortunately, nobody but Deebo knows, and he isn’t talking. If a team trades for him, they better know what Deebo wants to do, and if RB isn’t part of it, then he isn’t worth more than maybe an early 2nd-round pick (and throw in a 4th-round pick to make it seem fairer).

    If he had been putting up his 2021 numbers for three consecutive years, then I can see the 1st- and 2nd-round picks being equitable compensation. But he hasn’t, so that’s overpaying for him.

  20. Of course.
    Why would any NFL team trade for a player that’s going to be there for only one year?
    Deebo is plying this wrong and if sits out, he will make it worse.

  21. Why doesn’t SF just stick to their narrative that they were not making a trade unless someone was going to overpay? And SF apparently has not heard of the Vincent LaGuardia Gambini “Counter-Offer” strategy in Negotiations.

  22. According to the draft value chart it’s equivalent to offering 15 instead of 10 so not that low at all.

  23. Adams and Hill are exiting their primes while Deebo is just entering his. That’s why the compensation packages should be different.

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