Jim Irsay sees Matt Ryan as a mutiyear acquisition


For the sixth consecutive season, and the seventh in eight years, the Colts will have a different opening day starter. Matt Ryan will follow Scott Tolzien, Andrew Luck, Jacoby Brissett, Philip Rivers and Carson Wentz. The Colts traded a third-round choice to the Falcons for Ryan, the 2016 NFL MVP.

Ryan looks like another bridge quarterback for the Colts, considering he turns 37 next month. But that’s not what the team is thinking.

Owner Jim Irsay expects Ryan to remain the Colts’ quarterback for longer than the year Rivers spent in Indianapolis in 2020.

“Matt is different than Philip; this is definitely different than that,” Irsay said, via Mike Wells of ESPN. “It’s not drafting Andrew Luck, but it’s different than Philip. We knew Philip was going to be a one-year sort of thing, and we view this as very possibly a three-year thing. Who knows. It’s hard to put a number on it.”

Can Ryan play that long?

Even two years would buy the Colts some time to find their next franchise quarterback after swinging and missing on Wentz.

“We hope Matt can be here for four years, maybe,” Irsay said. “We certainly have our radar out for a young guy that can be the long-term future.”

The Colts were so eager to get rid of Wentz that the Colts traded him to Washington for less than they paid and without a definitive backup plan. They were left without a starting quarterback for 12 days after trading Wentz to the Commanders.

“Part of the problem going forward was that there weren’t any clear answers when we moved away from Carson,” Irsay said. “That was the biggest dilemma. I really kind of emphasized that it was essential that we look at it that way, the cold, hard reality that we would find answers.”

Ryan is the answer for this season, and the Colts hope, for several seasons.

14 responses to “Jim Irsay sees Matt Ryan as a mutiyear acquisition

  1. They went from Peyton immediately to Luck.
    That kind of luck (pun intended) won’t happen again any time soon.

  2. If that line can keep him upright, the Colts are guaranteed a playoff spot this year. This will be a Matt Stafford style comeback, and I hope it is. He deserves it. Stuck around and loyal to the Falcons his whole career.

  3. Always liked Ryan. Hoping he can play at a high level for several years to come. First time since Luck left I’m excited to see our Colts possibly being a really solid team again.

  4. Falcon fan here. Congrats to the Colts — you got a guy that will give you everything he’s got. He’s smart, demanding, and very accurate. And you drafted him some help too. I’m seeing a deep playoff run if you guys can stay healthy. Good Luck to the Colts, second favorite team now.

  5. I don’t like what I saw from Matt last year. In DFS I would often grab him because he always seemed way undervalued and inexpensive relative to other QB’s, even guys like Hurts, but in the end – he wasn’t the Matt of the last 2 years.

    I didn’t understand it. He’s not just going to drop off in 12 months, but the same could have been said about Carson, or Phillips. Both QB’s that have had great seasons in the near past.

    I hope it works out for Ryan, I really do. Maybe he just had a poor OL, and Ridley quit on him, or it’s possible the coach wasn’t playing to his strengths without Julio. No idea, but I do know last years version of Ryan was more Matt Leinart than Matty Ice.

  6. Colts revenge tour kicks off soon. Can’t wait to take out Tennessee, a team the Colts should’ve swept last year with Wentz at the helm. Revenge will be sweet.

  7. B/C they didn’t protect him. Awful rookie LG and below average RT. Oh, and Ridley took off.

  8. This will not be a Stafford kind of come back. Stafford never had help his entire career. He never even really had a competent coaching staff for more than one year. Ryan was afforded that luxury nearly his entire career until two years ago. We know who Matt Ryan is. We didn’t know who Matthew Stafford could be. Matt Ryan is not in the same ballpark as Matthew Stafford.

  9. mikefloreo says:
    April 30, 2022 at 8:59 pm
    This will not be a Stafford kind of come back. Stafford never had help his entire career.
    Calvin Johnson ring a bell?
    Irsay has gone through seven qb’s in 8 years, that proves he knows nothing about QB’s. I’m hoping Wentz proves him wrong in Washington, because he way over-reacted to one game and disregarded the fact Wentz had Covid toward the end of the year, missed games and practice so he was rusty, and that loss to Jacksonville was because they couldn’t run the ball.

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