Nakobe Dean says he’s fully healthy, doesn’t know why his draft stock dropped

USA Today

The NFL invited former Georgia linebacker Nakobe Dean to the 2022 NFL draft with the idea that he would go off the board in the first round. So it was surprising to everyone — including Dean — that he lasted until the third round, where the Eagles selected him.

Reports surfaced that pectoral and knee injuries caused his draft stock to slide, but Dean says those injuries were minor and that he will be a full participant at the Eagles’ rookie minicamp.

“I’m healthy,” Dean said. “I’m ready to go. I know minicamp is next week and I expect to be a full participant for that. Why I dropped? It’s not in my control. Nothing I can do. Nothing I could do to make them pick me earlier. I’m grateful and blessed I have this opportunity.”

Dean said he was shocked to hear people suggest he wouldn’t play as a rookie because of pectoral injury that would need surgery.

“Things that were not true cost me a lot of money,” Dean said. “That was the thing that was so surprising and mind-boggling. It was never, I went to doctors, got second opinions and everything, and nobody — nobody — said I should have surgery. Nobody had told me I had to have surgery. So, for that to come up and for teams to be saying that and waiting until the day of the draft to say something like that, that was kind of crazy to me.”

Nakobe is grateful the Eagles took him.

“I feel like I got picked by a great organization,” Dean said. “I’m just ready to work.”

25 responses to “Nakobe Dean says he’s fully healthy, doesn’t know why his draft stock dropped

  1. Great pick Howie!!!

    I wanted him in the 2nd round, couldn’t believe we got him in the 3rd.

    Now get a real QB and we’re in business

  2. We got your back Dean . Play great and Lurie will make sure you recoup the money you lost on the draft drop. We are so glad to have in Philadelphia! -Eagles fans

  3. so all 32 teams and their medical staffs who give them recommendations all had bad info ?

  4. Love this player and thrilled the Eagles got him, especially in the third round. Good overall draft by the Birds. There’s always risk, but at least there don’t seem to have been any bug reaches or head scratchers and each of the 4 players they added look to have the ability to develop
    Into plus starters.

  5. That stinks. I live in GA, he played for my HS rival and a friend of mine coached him in Middle school. I’ve been hearing about him for years now and I hope he earns an amazing second contract.

  6. I don’t know why he dropped but I’m glad my Eagles got him . The Eagles don’t value linebackers ,safeties and cornerbacks so if he would have gone in the first round where he should have gone the Eagles wouldn’t have drafted him there.

  7. Philly just got the steal of the draft. Part of the reason he was so good in college is because he’s brilliant. Total package.

  8. New NFL is in love with measurables. A lot of Guys ahead of him were taller and faster but didn’t make plays like him. Terrell Owens ram a 4.6 40 time and I never saw him get run down. RG III ram 4.3 wasn’t that elusive. Russell Wilson ram 4.7 and is most elusive QB in the pocket I ever saw. Football is about instincts and will. Dean has similar size measurements to Ray Lewis….he was pretty good.

  9. A small linebacker with a possible injury dropping to the third round isn’t surprising. Even if he doesn’t require surgery now, the potential for the future could have been the concern. Pec surgery isn’t something that you comeback quickly and often has lingering issues afterwards.
    Fantastic college player, but good sub six foot linebackers are a rarity in the NFL. Hope he’s another.

  10. Considering the current state of the Eagles linebackers, this is a massive upgrade at a minimum risk.

  11. Hate to break it to you buddy but a lot of the time the team that picked you is the one who spread the lies…

  12. In every NFL draft…there’s always a few of these guys that inevitably fall for whatever reasons teams have,but I think the Philadelphia Eagles have a 3rd round gem in Nakobe Dean. A bit undersized,but a smart and savvy tackle machine. Eagles may have the next London Fletcher.

  13. All 32 teams (include the Eagles) passed on him until the 3rd round. They all have detailed medical reports on all players. I think they knew something. Good for the Eagles to get a steal if he ends up healthy.

  14. Lack of size not injury caused the drop. I think he’ll be fine. Reminds me of Dolphin great Zach Thomas

  15. 32 GM’s passed on him twice,… several of them 3 times. He was expected to go mid to late 1st round. I’m a betting man,… there’s something more than injury that had him slipping that far down and I’d put $$$ on it.

  16. Philly gets the steal of the draft every yr……until they don’t……not as smart as they think they are.

  17. Already making money a priority? This is his fn profession. Do you go to your job every day bc you just love being there?

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