Seahawks’ quarterback competition starts, with Geno Smith in the lead

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The Seahawks have not added a quarterback, yet, in the 2022 NFL draft. As a result, they’re proceeding with the three they have — Drew Lock, Geno Smith, and Jacob Eason.

On Friday night, coach Pete Carroll anointed an early leader.

“The competition is underway,” Carroll told reporters. “Geno has come in and is obviously ahead going in because he’s had all the background with us. He’s been with us for a number of years. He leads the charge right now. He’s in command of our system as much as a guy could be. [Jacob Eason] had a year with us so he’s doing his part. Meanwhile we’re watching how Drew comes along and he’s going. He’s busting his tail to catch up and be right with it. All of our guys we know are strong-armed throwers. We will not lack in the potential of our throwing game, the style and the things that we can do.

“We’ve been able to see Drew in great depth. We’ve seen everything. We went all the way back to all his college days and everything else. Every throw he’s ever thrown to show us what he’s capable of doing. We’re fitting it together. It’s going to be a really strong, competitive group and we’re going to be smart. Geno knows what he’s doing. He knows the game. He’s a seasoned veteran. When he got his chance to get going last year, he showed some terrific stuff. We know the system can fit and work. We’re really off to a very good start just a couple of weeks into the offseason. We’ll get on the field for the first time for Phase Two this week. The coaches will finally get a chance to see the guys live and right up front. I’m really excited to see how that’s going and where they’re fitting. I know that in the meeting room, our guys are sharp and they’re precise and they know it’s on. Nobody is just going through the motions here. It’s a crucial [competition] and they’re taking to it and it’s serious. It’s great to see.”

That said, they still may not be done when it comes to adding quarterbacks. Said both Carroll and G.M. John Schneider, “We’re always looking.”

Schneider said there was temptation to take a quarterback on Friday night, but that “things have to time up right,” and “they just didn’t.”

They still could end up with a quarterback in the later rounds, and Baker Mayfield remains a possibility. As to Mayfield, the final decision may hinge on what the coaches see during the offseason program from the guys they have.

11 responses to “Seahawks’ quarterback competition starts, with Geno Smith in the lead

  1. Trying to get the top pick next year for a Qb. If jets Geno didn’t show you enough, the games he started in last year show he is not ready for the top slot

  2. This is very bad news for any Hawks fan. Welcome to many years of being in last place for a loooooonnnggg time.

  3. Geno Smith and Travaris Jackson have one thing in common, their td to interception ration is equal. They can toss two and toss two. These guys couldnt read a d if the d put up placards saying this is where we are on the field.

  4. Geno Smith needs to move on to his true calling, as a Martin Lawrence lookalike, making appearances at low level bars across the country. At least he is used to being booed.

  5. I wonder if it’s sank in to Geno’s head yet just why he wasn’t a 1st round pick?

  6. I fail to see why Pete thinks Geno is even average. He makes Taylor Heinicke look pro bowl in comparison.

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