Sean McVay: Cole Strange comments were “misunderstood”


On Thursday night, video of an overly jocular (and quite possibly overserved) Rams coach Sean McVay and G.M. Les Snead made the rounds regarding their surprise that the Patriots used a first-round pick on offensive lineman Cole Strange.

While not making any picks (because eff them picks) and possibly after mixing up a frozen concoction or two (or five), McVay and Snead noticed that Strange went to the Patriots while meeting with reporters.

“And we wasted our time watching him thinking he’d be at 104 maybe,” McVay said.

Some regarded it as criticism of the Patriots and/or Strange. After Friday night’s draft proceedings, McVay and Snead addressed the reaction to their remarks about Strange.

“Because of how that video went viral in fun, that was the chemistry between us and us going through this process trying to evaluate,” Snead said Friday night, “but I know Sean talked to Cole this morning, did talk to Coach Belichick this morning just to say, ‘Hey, we — there was nothing — we really like that player.’ Sean was just jest at myself for, ‘Hey, why did we waste our time on him again?’ And I can say this . . . a long time ago, I forget when it was, but the New England Patriots drafted a guy named Logan Mankins from right up the road in Fresno. He was a left tackle, they moved him inside. About 10 years later, he had a lot of Pro Bowls and Super Bowl.”

McVay chimed in after Snead finished.

“I wish that it wouldn’t have gotten misunderstood,” McVay said. “It was more of a reflection of, I was actually giving Les some, you know, a hard time because when we started watching him, I think we both were in agreement, there’s no way he’d be there because we like the player so much. If there’s anybody that has more respect for Coach Belichick, what he’s done than I do, I’d like to see him, because I have tremendous respect for this profession, for the players that play at this level, and I would never want it to get misunderstood for Cole Strange or the Patriots organization that anything but respect for the player. That was my reaction and any misunderstanding was my fault for the way that I probably communicated that.”

Some indeed interpreted the comments as disrespectful to Strange. Others did not. The more significant aspect of the clip for many was that Snead and McVay indeed seemed to be, as the saying goes, three sheets to the wind. McVay, as we joked on #PFTPM last night, came off as happy drunk. Snead, based on how he was talking, seemed to be trying very hard to not slur.

I don’t know that they definitely had been drinking on Thursday night. Not that I care whether they were. I was. And I was on Friday night. It’s legal, and it’s fine if done responsibly. But it was funny, and that’s what made the clip go viral. It wasn’t what they said, but how they interacted.

The best part of all of it is that it gave me a chance to introduce Myles Simmons to Foster Brooks.

26 responses to “Sean McVay: Cole Strange comments were “misunderstood”

  1. Belichick’s draft picks seem to be a popular subject for criticism.
    Let us not forget, however, even if we are still sky-high on a purchased Lombardi trophy, that nobody ever has, nor ever will accomplish the success that Bill has.
    If his drafting is bad, one might think that it would be harder to win one Super Bowl after another, right?
    Flash-in-the-pan coaches that nobody will remember in 5 years should leave the thinking to Bill.
    When McVay is wearing 8 more rings his opinion will matter. Thankfully, he’ll never own 2.

  2. Shut up and be happy Jaquaski Tartt dropped that INT and Fisher drafted Donald for you or else you’d be on the hot seat if not fired.

    Your best pick was Kupp and he saved your teams as_ all season

    Mcvay is a solid offensive mind but, Kupp and Donald are special talents. Kupp literally carried that offense

    Lambs are garbage and everyone in CA knows who runs the Golden state and it’s the RED and GOLD.

    Belicheck,Reid,and Shanahan are better coaches.

    Mcvay seems mad that he traded his next 5yrs picks for that one ring and now Belicheck ruined his draft board.

    Remember that underwhelming SB parade and bunk T-shirts with the slogan “F# those picks”??? Yea Belicheck is sitting in his office overlooking his last SB thinking “Go F# yourself”

    Mcvay is so overrated

  3. People. McVay was complimenting the Patriots. He was giving his GM a hard time for thinking that a player of his caliber would still be available 104. The Rams were figuring teams would overlook the stud from the small school, and they were hoping to steal him. Belichick had a similar evaluation of the kid and pulled the trigger. McVay likes to watch film. If you watch this kid he dominates. McVay was hoping the herd would pass this kid up, and they most likely would have. Belichick doesn’t follow the herd. And I guarantee you there’s not a coach that Belichick respects more than McVay. End of story.

  4. Can’t think of a Patriots player who played better in 2nd year or later, except several developed by Brady.

    Did Belichick the garbage develop anyone in last 2 seasons?

  5. The beauty is the team drafting the player is the only one that needs to like the pick. EVERY team misses and hits. Nobody knows if he’s going to be great or a bust. To disrespect another team and especially player is just arrogant. McVay is overrated anyway.

  6. There’s the problem with today’s world. Almost everyone looks for the evil in things.
    I took it, and as it should have been taken, that the media fake experts had him rated worse than what teams coaches and scouts did whom do this for a living.
    Most knew there was no way he was going in the 4th round. The McVay was pointing out the obvious that the media has no clue, and not that the patriots reached.

  7. Respect that they won the SB. My opinion of McVay is mostly arrogance and smartass to boot. Cant criticize success though.

  8. My question: did Belichick develop any player in last 2 seasons?

    I expect 60 dislikes, maybe even 100+, but not a single reply.

    Didn’t Belichick believers talk about how Belichick would develop N’Keal Harry? I guess they already forget and continue the myth of “Belichick develops players”, to feel good about themselves.

  9. The fact he has to even address this is just sad. Social media has ruined society. In all honesty, not every idiot out there deserves a public platform. Bc when a bunch of them congregate, this is what happens.

  10. McVay was sucking up to Belichick on the field before they played each other in the Super Bowl.
    Respect is one thing, obsequious is another.

  11. Tom Brady is a system QB. When the system breaks down so does Tommy. He’s proved it again and again and again and will continue to do so because that’s who he is.

    Oh and also a cheater. His accomplishments mean squat to any intelligent football fan. We don’t support QB who pretend they’re good when they cheat.

  12. In today’s world, where fans need NFL “news” 24/7, and NFL “news” outlets need to fill that need, they have to make “news” out of lots and lots of non-news. This is just a fun little tidbit that doesn’t need scrutiny, or fans coming to BB’s defense, or apologies, or clarifications, or anything other than a chuckle. That’s it. Some people really need to lighten up.

  13. Who has Belichick developed? An inane question.

    JC Jackson went from UDFA to the top 2022 free agent.

    Mac Jones went from 4th QB selected to the top rookie QB performer.

    Baremore passed over well into RD 2 and was one of the top rookie performers.

    Stevenson picked well into 4th round and was one of the top rookie running backs.

    Harris, 4th rounder, developed into a top RB

    Kyle Duggar, division 2 DB, is a starting safety

    Mike Onwenu, 6th round

    Jake Bailey, 5th round

    Jakobi Meyers, UDFA

  14. Hey, Sean when you pick a QB at 199 and he becomes the greatest QB ever to play, you can laugh at someone who did. As soon as when his current team gets old and he has had years without 1st round picks to replace them, and the team collapses, Sean will retire.

  15. It’s a lie. If they were watching him to pick in the fourth round, they think he is a fourth round player. So he was laughing that Belichek took him so high. I don’t mind him laughing at Bill, the fact that he was laughing at the player is completely disrespectful and arrogant. Hey Sean, you’re only contribution to the world is that you can coach football, extremely shallow life.

  16. I hear Zappe can throw passes that invisible unless you are a Pats WR.


    Not sure how a defender knows when he should turn his head when he is chasing a WR going down field. You must know, right? Enlighten us, please.

  17. Who has Bill developed?!? He’s certainly developed a team that can’t beat the Dolphins, and can’t force the Bills to punt in two straight games. Pathetic.

  18. Let’s not forget, for everyone that says the Pats can’t draft…. ESPN just did an article April 22,2022 ranking ALL NFL teams on their drafts since 2012…. New England was #7 on their list of best drafting teams…. Not bad for a team that almost always picked at the end of the round every year. Note that they were soundly criticized after almost every one of those drafts…

  19. I felt like McVay liked Cole and thought maybe he could get him with a draft steal in a round or two. McVay’s comments were him realizing they had it wrong.

    It was funny to me. Cool of them to clarify, but I really didn’t think it was a big deal.

  20. William Lee says:
    April 30, 2022 at 12:02 pm
    My question: did Belichick develop any player in last 2 seasons?

    I expect 60 dislikes, maybe even 100+, but not a single reply.

    Didn’t Belichick believers talk about how Belichick would develop N’Keal Harry? I guess they already forget and continue the myth of “Belichick develops players”, to feel good about themselves.


    Well Dugger, Uche, Onwenu, Barmore. So yes he did.

  21. elrock7 says:
    April 30, 2022 at 12:02 pm
    Tom Brady was there to cover up all Belichick’s draft misses.


    rady certainly was a main reason they did so much winning but they drafted a lot of good players. Hightower, Chandler Jones, Gronk, McCourty

    Even Sony Michel, For all the complaining about him, had a top 5 playoff run in terms of production (336 yards, 6 TDs, 0 Fumbles in 3 playoff games) for a RB on the way to winning a Super Bowl. That may have been mostly due to Thuney, Andrews, Gronk, etc. Guys that BB drafted.

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