Steelers add QB Chris Oladokun in seventh round


The Steelers started their draft by taking a quarterback and they ended it the same way.

Pittsburgh used the 241st pick to select former South Dakota State quarterback Chris Oladokun. They took Kenny Pickett with the 20th overall selection.

Oladokun originally went to South Florida and transferred to Samford before finishing up at South Dakota State. He was 238-of-382 for 3,164 yards, 25 touchdowns and seven interceptions as their starter during the 2021 season.

He becomes the fourth quarterback on the team’s depth chart. The team has said Pickett will compete with Mitch Trubisky and Mason Rudolph for the starting job and Oladokun could edge one of the veterans out for the third spot if he shows enough promise over the next few months.

Oladokun is also the seventh quarterback taken this season. If that remains the case, that will tie the 2015 draft for the fewest quarterbacks taken in any draft since 1967.

13 responses to “Steelers add QB Chris Oladokun in seventh round

  1. do to the weak qb class!
    Not confident that Willis or Zappe even stick if they stay at QB… Oladokun likely just a camp arm…

  2. This might be one of the worst Steelers drafts in recent memory.
    I’ve heard this every year for fifty plus years, and I’ll hear it again next year.

  3. I might be in the minority, but I love this move. High ceiling QB room, except Rudolph, who I’d try to unload on Carolina or Seattle.

  4. If Tomlin was looking for mobile Qbs, he got that with the 2 QBs the Steelers drafted. Mason doesn’t fit that mold. Also, we have had 4 plus years to see what Mason can do, and I have seen enough groundhoppers to WRs to say this dude does not belong on a roster. His mechanics are awful, his ball placement is below average, and his deep ball lack accuracy. Bye Mason.

  5. If I was predicting the future, I would have guessed that Rudolph would be cut and the Steelers would start fresh with 3 new QBs. However, CitizenStrange is right, one for the practice squad makes sense as Mitch will be on a one year contract. Whether or not Mitch becomes QB1 or not, Pittsburgh might not be willing on re-upping him at $30M/yr or $100M mostly guaranteed. In this scenario, having Oladukan on the practice squad makes sense.

  6. Steeler fans must be scratching their heads with the decisions Tomlin continues to make. Worst QB draft and he picks not one but two. Steeler fans say bye bye to Mason when these two QB’s have not had one snap in the NFL and will play under the undeveloped offensive line the Steelers have.

  7. I am in the minority apparently, but I like Rudolph…….as a QB3
    He will be great as a TA to help the Starts along.

    I see it as thing:

    1. Winner of Picket vs Tribisky camp battle or Tribiskly to start the year
    2. Loser of Picket vs Tribisky camp battle or Picket after a few weeks
    3. Rudolph (This is not a bad thing)

    4. Oladokun – camp arm / practice squad

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