Jeff Fisher gets his first USFL win

USFL Week Three - Pittsburgh Maulers v Michigan Panthers
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The third time was indeed a charm.

Long-time NFL coach Jeff Fisher, now the head coach of the USFL’s Michigan Panthers, has gotten his first win in more than five years. The Panthers shut out the 0-3 Pittsburgh Maulers, 24-0, on Sunday.

Fisher had last won a game on November 13, 2016, a 9-6 win by the Rams over the Jets.

The Panthers continue to split time at the quarterback position between Shea Patterson and former first-rounder Paxton Lynch. Neither threw a touchdown pass on Sunday, but Lynch ran one to paydirt.

Running back Reggie Corbin racked up 133 rushing yards on 20 carries, an average of 6.6 yards per attempt.

Fisher, who took the Titans to Super Bowl XXXIV, is tied with the late Dan Reeves with 165 NFL losses. But Fisher also has 173 wins in the NFL.

And he now has one in the USFL.

25 responses to “Jeff Fisher gets his first USFL win

  1. He was only hired to move the Rams, like he previously… Don’t believe a word out of Kroenke/Demoff’s mouth.. it’s all well documented

  2. I don’t know if they play 6 or 16 games and honestly I dont care. But, I do know that Jeff fisher will end up .500 or one click above or one click below. Some things don’t change regardless of venue. IMO

  3. Panthers are now 1-2. If Fisher has anything to do with it, they will finish the season 5-5. Congrats!

  4. Everyone’s favorite punching bag but did more in football than his critics did in their field.

  5. We are all impressed with your meteoric rise to mediocrity. Keep up the fair work

  6. God nobody in stands! Should have picked a better football state.

  7. Fisher is a great coach…he also is the most mundane boring coach regardless of what league he is in .

  8. Say what you will about Fisher but he was right about Jarred Goff.

  9. BuckyBadger says:
    May 1, 2022 at 8:19 pm
    Everyone’s favorite punching bag but did more in football than his critics did in their field.


    I can assure you if I did “just kinda average” in my field I wouldn’t have kept my job as long as Jeff Fisher has been a coach. Some people in the real world don’t have the luxury to have career responsibilities that allow you to be “just ok” and stay employed. Fishers continued employment is one of the reasons the Rooney Rule had to become a thing.

  10. Always thought everyone gave him a raw deal.

    He’s accomplished a lot in the NFL given very little support as a player and a coach.

  11. As a Ram fan, I always laugh at the “he was just hired to move the team” logic – as if there are only a small handful of people in the world that could possibly think through the logistics of coaching through a move. Give me a break. What I do remember was a lot of comments from Fisher like, “We’re not gonna us this (moving) as an excuse, but…(insert excuse here)” So thankful that dreadful era came to an end.

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